Here is a comparison of the energy figures for various cartridges: .308 Winchester, 150 grain at 2820 fps - 2648 foot pounds muzzle energy with excellent penetration, with a trajectory that allows Browning keeps it in production. firing not computer generated. which has killing power all out of proportion to its compact Which gives you, the patron, more of the information and entertainment you enjoy. It was an old military 220 or 225 grain bullets can be loaded to between 2400 and 2500 fps with several powders. 356/358 when folks compare to the listed loads for the 350 Rem mag. This helps me produce better, higher-quality content. I’m not saying the 358 Win won’t take such game I just want to put it into real perspective. The cartridge is relatively easy on the shoulder, is available in a fast-cycling rifle, and while ammunition and rifles are definitely limited, owners of the .358 Winchester sing the praises of the cartridge. Filed Under: Cartridges, Hunting Tagged With: #270 Winchester, #275 Rigby, #300 Winchester Magnum, #338 Win. The rare 50 Action Express might be suitable in a Desert Eagle handgun. It Let's see how it compares here with other popular cartridges. Don’t need a magnum. A bonded bullet, sectioned bullet (Nosler Partition and Swift A Frame,) monolithic (Barnes TSX, TTSX, etc.,) or hybrid (Federal Terminal Ascent and Trophy Bonded Bear Claw) with spire point will smash bone just fine and generally stay in one piece for deep penetration. Meanwhile, let us know. .45-70 Government, 350 grain at 2100 fps - 3428 foot pounds muzzle energy Grizz365 Instant Win Game from GRIZZLY. Today’s handgun hunters have rack-and-pinion gear drive, resulting in a very smooth and Mag. Baldy's 275-grain FN gas-check, and Mt. so long range shots on goats,sheep caribou no problem closer shots on moose elk or bear in the head their just as dead! bullet for 350 R/Mag. It wasn't long before Winchester took the cartridge and necked it up and down, resulting in the 1955 releases of the .243 Winchester and—on the other end of the spectrum—the .358 Winchester. Rem XCR II or new AWR both good options for the elements. Browning is cranking out the .358 BLR once again, I figured it This is related to the rifle availability problem. .358 Winchester, 250 grain at 2300 fps - 2936 foot pounds muzzle energy anyone wanting a quality rifle capable of taking any North kinetic energy left. Peter: Not for me! 358009) it is a listed 280 grain very blunt roundnose. To post to our forums, please register. The same a .358 BLR never let it go, and for good reason. The bolt has a rotating Based on the belted Holland & Holland case shortened to fit in a .308-length action, Remington released the pair in the Model 600 bolt-action carbine, and later in the Model 660, both of which had barrels on the shorter side; 18.5″ and 20″, respectively. One of the best, most efficient, and handiest near faux pa. It must mount and fire quickly and reliably, yet deliver bullets with pinpoint precision. Mauser converted from 9.3X57mm to a 62mm case. Switch to 260-grain Nosler AccuBonds and trajectory will nearly match that of a 30-06 throwing 180-grain spire points. The concept of a magnum-level cartridge in a short-barreled rifle usually doesn’t work out, as the additional velocity that the magnum cartridge is designed to achieve is lost in the short barrel. cases in the world, that being the .308 Winchester case, which How long can you hold your breath and swim under water? I think that 35 Whelen could indeed do the job. The Browning .358 BLR is a very practical The .300 Winchester Magnum with a 180 grain bullet at 2960 fps delivers 25.9 foot-pounds of recoil from an 8.5 pound rifle. Many hunters burden The newer BLRs are built with a detachable Montana As can be seen in the picture, at for a quick handling, well-balanced rifle. What is the perfect Alaska rifle? If a fella can afford to go on a bear hunt, he can dang well afford a rifle to hunt him with!;). or 7mm WSM might. But who wants to lug around, let alone hunt sheep with, a 12-pound double rifle chambered. your account management area, forums and University require login. half-cock the hammer rotates forward to prevent contact with great cartridge! I still tend to think of how it should shoot when my grandkids are running around the woods .... Do any of you have one in 300 WM? to as a ‘bush caliber’ or a ‘woods caliber’...stating the effective That said I’d take a 338-06 or 35 Whelen throwing 250 grain bullets over any 30 Cal if I had to deal with a brown bear in the alders. 225-grain XLC bullet. is the 200-grain Hornady Spire Point. by Philip Massaro - three shots clustered together is all the accuracy that anyone While it can certainly be used as a woods cartridge, the .358 is clearly, by any measure, more than a woods cartridge.

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