That worked for the photographer and for the surprised writer. I did it for us.”. No bodyguards.

It was his job. I believe A.J. But it was not only the man they loved. She’s a survivor, and one of those people who has had an interesting life. I live in Los Angeles, AJ Lambert stays true to grandfather Frank Sinatra’s legacy. I know from my own experience that he had it in him to be the most loving, affectionate, and hilarious grandfather. For instance, my grandmother always eats just three bites of anything that’s bad for you. Her father died of cancer when she was 11 years old.

He didn’t sing with me.

Sinatra’s compound was like a hotel for celebrities who wanted to be around the man they called the Chairman of the Board. She married a musician from her grandfather’s hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey, a guitarist named Matt Azzarto who played Sinatra songs in a ska band. In a lot of ways, we are still that family.

They all understood that my grandmother, who could have easily allowed herself to become the woman scorned, instead became the woman who carried on living the life she helped make for our family—with a flair that everyone noticed back then and still notices today.

And they did it with love for their patriarch, the source of their hurt. The famous and infamous – from Kirk Douglas to Richard Nixon’s criminally-charged vice president, Spiro Agnew -- milled about the lawns, bungalows and tennis courts. “It was normal for us to be together because we were always kind of together,” she told me. I would have had to be in love, and I would never fall in love again. “Thank God I never re-married,” she said. It ain’t easy growing up the daughter of Nancy Sinatra and the granddaughter of Frank Sinatra. It was just as cool as you’d think it was.”. Did you ever tell your grandfather you wanted She fell in love with an unknown young jazz singer she met at the Shore, married him, struggled with him through some lean years, had three kids with him, stood just beside the limelight that shone on him, and supported him through many ups and downs. The Space is having me for a monthly residency. When she was attending USC, her mother decided to kick start her musical comeback by posing naked for Playboy.

This show is intense. Now, at 41, she’s doing it. “My grandmother would freak out when she would see me: ‘What are you wearing?’ because she was all about appearances.

Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, and Phil Silvers might join Grandpa and a band of studio musicians on the living-room floor, singing songs only they knew the words to: as he would later do for the 50th-birthday party, Sammy Cahn wrote parodies of popular songs specifically for the occasion. Her friends knew her as an accomplished hostess, someone with grace and charm. No, not anymore. I didn’t know they were famous. The caravan made its way to Hollywood, where my grandparents shared an apartment with drummer Mickey Scrima and arranger Andy Gibson. Lambert had her rebellious moments growing up in that seemingly enchanted world. Even in his older years, he was always working at it. But he was really active for my entire childhood and had us outside all the time. She and her younger sister, fine artist Amanda Erlinger, grew up in L.A. but spent every possible weekend and vacation at her grandfather’s compound down the street from her mother’s condo, which Nancy bought for her family around the time Barbara Sinatra sold their compound and moved with her husband to Beverly Hills in 1995. Getty Images 112421542

The daughter of singer and actress Nancy Sinatra and dancer and choreographer Hugh Lambert has a new monthly residency at The Space in Las Vegas, where she sings songs from Frank’s ninth studio album, 1955’s “In the Wee Small Hours” rotated with 1958’s “Only the Lonely.” Her next show is Feb. 9. Lonely Songs EP now available on itunes/spotify. I know he never stopped loving her. But, honestly, I don’t understand why other people didn’t understand me wanting to do it.

Lambert reflects on the night to remember. “It’s not my name,” singer AJ Lambert said.

That’s something I don’t think many people know.

“A lot of those songs are old as the hills and he did them new.”, Lambert has her own legacy in the Coachella Valley. She always has acted like the older one. He was in Palm Springs and mom and I lived in L.A. As a kid, I was at my grandfather’s house a lot and for all the holidays. Derek Stevens’ new Mega Bar at Circa is 65 feet long, putting the operator’s big personality to the test.

Nothing wrong with that.”. “I didn’t do it under the pretense of thinking he’d come back. “When I think of the pressures of having to sing, and to record, and do the publicity things, and the political commitments,” she told me, “I don’t know how he managed it all. It was good 'cuz I learned a lot.”, She applied her love of contemporary and Great American Songbook music to her mother in 2004, producing the album, “Nancy Sinatra,” with songs by Morrissey, Jarvis Cocker of Pulp and a haunting number that U2’s Bono and The Edge wrote about Frank Sinatra titled “Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad.”. My grandfather held tremendous power in Hollywood and in the music industry and, yes, within our family. When a Desert Sun photographer was stumped for an idea of how to shoot her at her mother’s condominium complex on Frank Sinatra Drive in Rancho Mirage, Lambert suggested wading into a Jacuzzi. In December 1965, Nancy Sinatra Sr. hosted a birthday party for her ex-husband Frank. I was looking for a home for my music and I didn’t really want it to be a casino. AJ Lambert performs at the Space at 10 p.m. January 12 — and continuing one Friday night each month through November — and info and tickets can be found at But it was cool to have dinner with Sammy Davis or Gregory Peck, who were around all the time. “She was the one left, so unfortunately she got a lot of the brunt from me,” Lambert said. Mr. Lambert …

After months of agonized planning, it seemed that everyone in Hollywood had received an invitation on engraved stationery from Francis-Orr in Beverly Hills. Just a bunch of friends around. I’m sure there are people who would go with the Sinatra name.

So Lambert apparently had trouble processing some closure with her father. Lambert was Sinatra’s first grandchild ‘Well, he’s going to know these Mob people,’ she rails. Piff has set up a sign on artificial turf in front of the stage: “Keep Off Grass By Order Of Mr. Piffles.”, The actress costars with Kevin Costner in the upcoming film, “Let Him Go.”. Could your grandfather take you out for dinner without being mobbed? Always.

As mutual friends of hers and her former husband’s, the people who were there (Jack Benny, George Burns) along with some who weren’t (Toots Shor, Danny Thomas) never took sides. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. My grandmother is renowned for her cooking, and she still makes the same recipes Frank loved. He taught my sister and me how to paint. But they persevered and they thrived. As much as people want me to do that stuff, it’s not the correct thing for me to do. She grew up taking piano lessons at 7 or 8 because her mother told her she had to learn piano before she could play guitar. “My mom took over like a champ from that point,” Lambert … What does a 100-year-old grandmother teach you about life? “We had an enchanted childhood down here, I won’t lie. Lambert: I usually go for a hike in the morning and then do all the chores I don’t get to during a busy week. Milton Berle M.C.’d a revue featuring personalized song parodies by Sammy Cahn, who had helped write many of my grandfather’s hits: “Come Fly with Me,” “Love and Marriage,” “High Hopes.” There were performances by my grandparents’ own daughters, Nancy junior and Tina, as well as the stars they counted as their mutual friends, including Tony Bennett and Dean Martin. It’s just that we had a nice association and I wanted to keep it that way. Michael Jackson tribute artists Jalles Franca and Santana Jackson are not masked per pandemic directives, but they’ll wear the glove. Lambert can see the parallels with her grandfather. It might surprise people to know that my grandfather taught me how to dive and he’d always go sledding with me. This photo was taken at Amanda's birthday party in 1990. Senior has always been very private. Every Saturday there is the same discussion: “What are we eating tomorrow?” It’s usually the same pasta with sausage and meatballs we’ve all eaten on countless Sundays. This is awful.’ I dressed really crazy, I listened to my goth music and I had like three friends in high school.

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