His first assignment, starting on 11 February 1943, was to oversee the construction of the 200 acre Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp, which he was to command. He was commissioned to the rank of SS-Untersturmführer (second lieutenant) on 14 July 1941. Jennifer, along with a co-writer, is working on a book called, “My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me.” She often goes to the Oskar Schindler museum in Krakow, the villa in Plascow that her family owned, and also has laid flowers for the victims who were murdered under the command of her grandfather. And that's why we both came here. Göth, an only child named after his father and grandfather, was born on 11 December 1908 in Vienna to a wealthy Catholic family in the book publishing industry. [28], Göth was also the officer in charge of the liquidation of Szebnie concentration camp, which interned 4,000 Jewish and 1,500 Polish slave labourers. “I was working at the Plaszow concentration camp, dismantling the remnants of a Jewish cemetery,” Josef told Aish.com from his home in the Arzei Habira neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The camp was closed on 15 January 1945. Around a thousand Jews were taken to the nearby forest and shot, and the remainder were sent to Auschwitz, where most were gassed immediately on arrival. He abandoned his studies when he was 17 to pursue his interest in radical right-wing ideas. [35] This distinction made Kraków-Płaszów one of 13 official concentration camps in Poland. I am a mother, I have children. Jennifer never knew about her grandfather or the connection her birth mother had with him. ("I do have to love my father, don't I?"). [53] Göth was scheduled for an appearance before SS judge Georg Konrad Morgen, but due to the progress of World War II and Germany's looming defeat, the charges against him were dropped in early 1945. POV believes in the power of film to engage communities in dialogue around the most pressing social issues of our time. [61][63], In 2002, Hertwig published her memoirs under the title Ich muß doch meinen Vater lieben, oder? Never would I, never, believe that any human being would be capable of such horror, of such atrocities. [66], Jennifer Teege, the daughter of Monika Hertwig and a Nigerian man, discovered that Göth was her grandfather through Hertwig's 2002 memoirs. As a child he went by the nickname "Mony". She told me people don't want to know, they want to go on with their lives. And she is affected by the fact that her father was a perpetrator. The film depicts scenes of Amon Goeth, dubbed the Butcher of Plaszow, shooting Jewish prisoners with a shotgun from his balcony for sport. Teege addressed her coming to terms with her origins in the book, My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me[67] (originally published as Amon. Poldek Pfefferberg, another Schindlerjude (Schindler Jew), said: "When you saw Göth, you saw death. [39], The camp housed about 2,000 inmates when it opened. The day after Blair interviewed her on camera, he heard from Monica, her daughter by Amon Goeth, that Majola had taken a drug overdose and died.

[64] Hertwig's experiences in dealing with her father's crimes are detailed in Inheritance, a 2006 documentary directed by James Moll. The movie has been seen by millions since its release in 1993. The 1993 film Schindler's List, in which Göth is portrayed by Ralph Fiennes, depicts his running of the Płaszów concentration camp. [69], Fiennes won a BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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