To receive the latest in style, watches, cars and luxury news, plus receive great offers from the worlds greatest brands every Friday. In 1988, an explosion destroyed an apartment building in Colombia owned by Escobar. If that wasn’t enough, comms master Londoño also hired a stooge to work within the phone company itself, allowing him carte blanche among the country’s phone grid. Within weeks, the Cartel had sent Helmer ‘Pacho’ Herrera to New York city to establish a formal distribution centre, from which he controlled numerous newly formed ‘cells’. According to showrunner Eric Newman, the split between the two is “about 50-50.”. In real life, Pacho Herrera was a calculating criminal with a gift for running an illegal trafficking operation. “Then this is war,” Escobar replied, “And I’m going to kill every one of you sons of b*tches.”. On January 13, 1988, Pacho Herrera ordered his men to place a car bomb in front of the Monaco building, a place of residence for several of Escobar’s relatives, including his wife and children. Escobar’s relatives left unharmed. With the victim receiving the shots almost at point blank range, there was nothing to do. Narcos has always been a blend of truth and fiction. However, an old debt would reach him. It’s a good question. And they make Pablo Escobar look like a particularly elderly Santa Claus, only with less snow and more ethnic cleansing. They did this at first by installing head honcho Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela as the Chairman of the Board at the Banco de Trabajadores. Other writers have made similar claims. With a ridiculous influx of paper money, the organization needed a way to launder their funds and make them appear legitimate. By 1993, the cartel was pulling in $7 billion a year. Luckily, the writers had a made-to-fit character in the flashy, brutal and openly homosexual Pacho Herrera. But how closely does that match up to the truth? Pacho, the hustler, focused on his money; and boy, did he make a lot of it, especially after Cali promoted him within the cartel for his business prowess. And in 1991, a group of gunmen ambushed Herrera at a resort, leaving several people dead. David Ghantt And The Loomis Fargo Heist: The Outrageous True Story, Inside The Unsolved Disappearance Of Jennifer Kesse, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch, drug smuggler George Jung, who inspired the movie. The men he had just killed were, after all, allies of one the most feared drug lords in the world: Pablo Escobar. Though it was never proven, many suspected that Herrera was heavily involved in financing Los Pepes, a paramilitary death squad that began attacking Escobar’s operations. But both times he was eventually released. In fact, the cartel’s monitoring power was so great that, In one attempted bust in Miami in 1991, the DEA was monitoring the Cartel, only to discover that they themselves were being monitored by the Cali surveillance team at that exact moment. Pacho Herrera becomes the Manager of the Cali Cartel. Sensing an opportunity, the Cali Cartel began targeting American cities by the dozen. So, in 1990, Escobar had a squad of killers dressed as policemen open fire on a crowd in which Herrera was sitting while watching a soccer game. In the show, Herrera combines the sort of supreme self-confidence it takes to be openly gay in a world of ruthless gangsters with a casual approach to extreme violence, embodied in a scene where he has a rival ripped apart by motorcycles. Using the cartel’s resources and his own connections in the U.S., Herrera began moving huge amounts of cocaine into New York. Herrera surrendered to police after a massive manhunt in 1996. He declared that he had introduced more than 125 million dollars in Colombian territory in cash and the ownership of banks in Colombia and Panama. They’ll also have had a sniff of the infamous Cali Cartel, the gang who – fronted by the Orejuela brothers – made a cameo in season two as the bosom mates of Los Pepes. Helmer Herrera Buitrago, AKA “Pacho Herrera” was born on August 24, 1951, in Palmira, Colombia.He was one of the leaders of the Cali Cartel along with brothers Miguel and Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela and José Santacruz Londoño, AKA Chepe. In 1998, a man posing as a lawyer approached him during a break in a soccer game and shot him multiple times in the head and stomach. The game was stopped, everyone went to the gunman, they took him among several to beat him up. With tricks like this in their bag, it’s no wonder that the cartel earned themselves the nickname ‘The KGB of Cocaine.’ It’s also no wonder that Narcos fans the world over now look – with an addict’s impatience – to see how the Cali Cartel’s starring role will play out. All rights reserved. With the support of many Medellin locals, the cartel soon formed multiple gangs dubbed ‘grupos de limpieza social’ or ‘social cleansing groups’. Then he goes through dark corridors, observes the visitor’s area, scans the area expecting to see some familiar face. ¿Why was Helmer Buitrago Nicknamed Pacho Herrera? He was the last of the Cali Cartel leaders to be arrested. But soon, the cartel would run up against another powerful drug ring in Colombia. If you are the ones that love watching videos, you can enjoy my video about the life of Pacho Herrera from my youtube channel, otherwise just skip it and go and read. The Cali Cartel’s bribery gravy train also extended to some 5,000 taxi drivers. After 18 months of fleeing, on September 1, 1996, Herrera decided to facilitate the task to the authorities and surrendered, being sentenced to 14 years in prison. Here are five things you should probably know. Then, learn the story of drug smuggler George Jung, who inspired the movie Blow. When Narcos season two came to an end in September, millions of the show’s disciples began to miss it like a 90s It Girl misses her septum. In 1987, one of Pablo Escobar’s hitmen was attacked by one of Pacho Herrera’s men. To his bad luck one of them was Pacho Herrera’s friend, who was furious at Endo’s actions. If you thought Pablo Escobar was bad, you should meet the Cali Cartel. What most surprised the DEA and Colombian police when they began to peel back the rotten layers of the cartel’s onion was the level of sophistication in their counter-intelligence technology. Fans of … But because he was so careful about keeping his identity and operations secret, it’s hard to say for sure. Good morning, Doctor! It began an intense persecution that left a trail of explosions, shots and deaths. According to a journalist who wrote a book about the cartel, William Rempel, he was openly gay. Palmira prison, Colombia. After several investigations, it was known that several members of the North Valley Cartel were the ones that gave the order for his execution, in an operative directed by Wilber Varela AKA Jabón, lieutenant of Orlando Henao Montoya.

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