The woman had posted about freezing her eggs, and Neff apparently found that worth deriding in the AutoAdmit forum. For instance, in 2016 he replied to a thread with the title, "Mary Poppins getting raped by a pack of wild ni***rs at the park; kids watching." Neff had previously been a staffer at The Daily Caller, a conservative news and opinion site that Carlson co-founded and to which he sold his stake last month. In February 2018, a user on AutoAdmit posted, "At some point in the future, all ur xo posts (w/IRL name) will be public record." When he wasn’t busy writing for one of the most openly anti-LGBT+ shows on Fox News, Neff also took to the board to mock “foodie faggots” – peppering many messages with the homophobic slur and taking part in a thread titled “Add ‘faggot’ to end of awkward Romney lines, he sounds alpha”. ", More recently, in February 2020, Neff called Mormonism "an inherently cucky religion." The situation is a sensitive one for Fox News and its parent company. Blake Neff resigned from the Fox News show after CNN Business found he had been posting racist and sexist comments in an online forum under … Among the details which make clear that CharlesXII and Neff are the same person: CharlesXII indicated on the board that he had gone to Dartmouth; Neff is an alumnus. His program has lost mainstream national advertisers, and often runs largely accompanied by direct-response commercials as well as promos from Fox News and its sister properties. Carlson is expected to address the matter on Monday during his program. (The subject line was not censored on the forum.) Neff posted to the thread, which racked up dozens of comments as users ridicule the woman, as recently as June 28. He argued at the time that there is a "large minority of whites who are fully supportive of a F**k Whitey agenda" and that "there's a suicidal impulse to Western peoples that honestly feels almost biological in origin. In the last quarter, Carlson had not only the highest-rated program in cable news, but the. Scott and Wallace said that Carlson would address the matter on his Monday show. And wasn't [George Floyd] a piece of shit with a long criminal record? I don't think it is defensible, which is why I am leaving. One person commented, "I stand by every poast." Within minutes, Neff was posting to AutoAdmit about Carlson's use of the phrase, which other posters gleefully noted was a reference to something said on the forum. (The language on both posts was not censored on the forum. Maybe you should take this opportunity to consider whether continuing to post here is morally defensible at all, even if you aren't posting deranged shit? On June 16, a user started a separate thread about a video showing a Black man assaulting an elderly white woman in New York. He joked one item could be, "Sandra Bland's Sugar-free Shortbreads!" Among the many racist messages posted by Neff in the past few months alone is a response to a thread titled: “Would u let a JET BLACK congo n****er do lasik eye surgery on u for 50% off?” Neff wrote: “I wouldn’t get LASIK from an Asian for free, so no.”, In other messages,the prolific poster suggested that “Black doods staying inside playing Call of Duty is probably one of the biggest factors keeping crime down,” also suggesting: “Given how tired Black people always claim to be, maybe the real crisis is their lack of sleep.”. In a memo sent to employees Saturday afternoon, after this story was first published, Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace condemned "horrific racist, misogynistic and homophobic behavior. Blake Neff, the head writer for Fox News host Tucker Carlson, has quit after it was revealed he posted a slew of racist, homophobic and misogynistic messages online. © Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. And in a 2017 Washington Post Date Lab article featuring Neff, he dropped a number of Easter eggs for the board, including referencing an "alcohol is poison" meme that he has repeatedly posted about and carrying a book on Catherine the Great to a date. That night, in his monologue, Carlson said, "You're starting to consider maybe moving to Bozeman, and why wouldn't you? And in the same year, he started a thread titled, "Urban business idea: He Didn't Do Muffin!" But there has still been at least some overlap between the forum and the show, including in recent weeks. Good riddance." Jfc libs." Responding to a thread on June 27 about whether "whites fear what's going to happen to them in 10-20 yrs," Neff wrote that he has "no plans to stay" in the country "that long." The Fox News executives characterized Neff’s contributions to the site as “horrendous and deeply offensive.” Carlson did not address the matter directly on his Friday broadcast. In his first post in 2015 starting the years-long thread, he explained that "through circumstances" he couldn't "quite recall," he became Facebook friends with the woman and thought her posts about dating were amusing. You thought that was your right as an American.". New York (CNN Business)Editor's note: This article quotes racist, homophobic and sexist language, much of which has not been censored. Read Next: TV Ratings: ‘The Good Doctor’ Season 4 Premiere Draws Series Low Audience, Fox Corp. 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