So I said, "Well, give me the first one you got." I do remember coming to an age where I was pointed out certain licks my father did on the guitar that no one else could replicate…. He said, "Before I do," he said, "I think it's only fair that I have it appraised to see what the value of it might be." His D-28 Martin guitar, which once belonged to Clarence White, has been anointed “The Holy Grail,” and his acceptance speech during his Hall of Fame induction at the 2013 IBMA Awards has come to be known as “The Moment.” For nearly 20 years, Rice had been silenced by a vocal cord condition known as muscle tension dysphonia. That's still open for speculation to some degree. It's the same thing with my relationship with Clarence. hindsight I could have stayed and played with Clarence, who was a fabulous How about we do it that way? White's incredible gift was ever highlighted after he joined The Byrds. and they were playing all the time out on the road. Ironically, as Clarence White’s reputation grew, he used the D-28 less and less often because of his growing frustration with its declining playability. 7:09. But other than that, I really don't know. And there was a very renowned guitar player that played with Buck Owens that had a Fender Telecaster guitar that Clarence wanted. Can you tell me about the time that you first met Clarence? its toll on the live performances. He things, playing electric guitar now. And from that moment on, everything was just fascinating.

I asked him … it looked to me a little bit like a Martin. songs, but I felt I was just spinning my wheels. told Roger to hire Clarence White, and I only wound up doing one or two

And the rest is history. and, you know, "How did you learn to play rhythm like him?" and at times (I am 47) I am STILL blown away…. Well, how about we do it this way: Why was it so important to you to acquire this guitar? ", So I waited and called back: Lo and behold, Joe Miller was there. And, as best I remember, he said, "I wouldn't sell it to anybody else, but I would sell it to you," or that he would consider it. Lyrics        player, and probably made a hell of a good living, but the music The Byrds I do remember this very well: Whenever Clarence and the White Brothers and myself and my brothers ended up playing a lot of those places in L.A. — Ash Grove, the Troubadour, you know, so many places that were out there at the time. Well, we can't talk about Clarence without talking about the guitar a little more. The latest from My Dad Was in a Band, the new blog that we’re co-presenting with Drafthouse Films. Well, I personally went through it right up until the very end, when I he was always way over it. Tell me what a rose smells like." of my better moments as a human being. We were a good studio band, and But there was only two bands there and then, I don't know, it seemed like bluegrass in general started to take off around that time and sort of run a parallel with the revival of the folk boom that was happening — the folk music boom. Clarence White - Clarence interview Holland 1971 (Stringbender) by Toon de Corte. Clarence White was cut down in the prime of his life after he was struck by a drunk driver in 1973 at the age of 29. Which was not shows with him before I left in a bit of a stormy departure. Multi-talented, mostly country music, but there was a bluegrass band there, a band called the Country Boys, and my father used to listen to them religiously every Sunday. And him and his wife, Susie, had not been together for a long time, but they decided that to get married. You're presented with choices. And, as a result of my inability to play like Clarence White, out of that came my own identity as a separate musician from Clarence White altogether, with the exception of, you know, a few things like rhythm style and some of the techniques he used. Because from the time I heard that guitar, there was something about every other guitar — and this exists to this day — that one particular guitar has a sound that's so unique that there's nothing else out there that can compare to it.

It was much better with Clarence. Don Parmley would later on become a full-time member of the band and different people would come and go over the years: Vern Gosdin and Rex Gosdin were part of the band and what not. He just played without guard to thinking about it so much, consciously thinking about it so much as to just be an integrated part of a band and enjoy himself and play rhythm guitar the only way that he knew how to do it. Can you just sort of recap for me the story of how you came to be reunited with his D-28. thought it was time for me to leave (the Byrds). Chris Hillman - Connect Savannah, Jim Reed, always the case with the original lineup. And I did go through a period where I wanted to play like him and would practice that and practice that and practice that and I think I was even into my mid-teens before I figured out I ain't gonna be able to do this.

The final song that Gram Parsons wrote before his own death, “In My Hour of Darkness,” was in part a tribute to White. You know, I don't know. But to wrap, if we wanted to get one cool, one great sound bite to summarize what Clarence meant to you, what would you say? Well, you wouldn't be able to do it, right? History        November 2008. In I was living in Kentucky, at the time. It's like if I were to ask you, "Desiré, do you know what a rose smells like?" And I seen him doing a lecture one night on a TV program and I never will forget this: Wynton Marsalis was the guy that said, "Well," he said, "Let me simplify this." My name is Tony Rice and I play with a guy named J.D. There's no words, you know, in the English language, or in any other language for that matter where you could describe to me what a rose smells like. Then, around the end of ’66, I found him And he brought it there and I brought the cash there and give him the cash, you know, got the receipt, walked out of there with that instrument for $550. So obviously he had this profound impact on you. But the guy told Joe Miller, he said, "Well, this guitar is in pretty ragged-out condition," he said, "even though it is a Martin D-28," he said, "I'd say if it was in real good shape, it might be worth around $600, but in the shape that it's in," he said, "I would put it in the $450 to $500 range." He only wanted to scare her. Links, Chris Hillman - So Clarence sold the guitar so that he would have enough money to buy this guitar from Don Rich, who played with Buck Owens — so he'd have enough money to buy the guitar and an amp from Don Rich and also take him and his wife on a honeymoon. The latest from My Dad Was in a Band, the new blog that we’re co-presenting with Drafthouse Films. Gifted. You know, people ask me, "Well, what did Clarence mean to you?"

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