3 of them are JUCO's but that's what I had to do. Wofford hurries the ball down the court, finds their PF... wide open shot from the wing and he misses it.. My SG Simmons grabs the board, 5 seconds to play, sprints up the court, pulls up from about 25 feet top of the key... SWISH! Went to Indiana today and got a 5 star mr basketball player. You can customize seemingly everything here--from the set you start your play out in (either one of the many presets found in the game, or create a set all your own) to choosing how and when every player on the court moves during your created play. Hell yeah. I won my season opener to New Mexico State at home. After reading through the sliders thread I have gone back and made a couple of small changes to my sliders. Wählen Sie ein Land/eine Region für Ihren Einkauf. The College Hoops series was put on hiatus in 2008 as 2K Sports declined to seek the college license for a 2K9 release. Surprise of the tourney though...Fordham as a 5 seed won the National Championship. I need bigs. The game generates a ton of new recruits every year. However, EA Sports continued licensing rights from the NCAA to make college basketball games until they too discontinued their college basketball game series, in 2010. I've already found some 2-stars on my list that I like better than some of the 3-stars on my list. I started with USC-Upstate but noticed their jersey numbers were blue and gold when their jerseys are green and white, so I restarted with Texas State. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? The only real difference is an Open Legacy lets you pick your school right off the bat and lets you max out your coach's attributes immediately. I'm running with Northern Colorado. NOTE FOR THE WHOLE GAME: WHEN IN DOUBT HIT THE RIGHT THUMB STICK IN. I have played through way too many dynasties in this game since it was released at the end of my own college years — never actually playing the games, but simming through the seasons and doing the recruiting. After two seasons 6-21, 7-20 I as fired and not rehired so my legacy ended prematurley. Anyways my excitement was somewhat burst when I got the points for making it to the tourney before the show started! Next you can customize your schedule if you want to. 3-4 with Dartmouth. opponents, but I only lost by 3 against Iowa...I dunno how ppl play on All-Conf. I load all 5 attribute points given at the start to Charisma. I notice Wyoming also has interest in another point guard on my target list who is ranked even higher than Bronson, so I decide to not give up on Bronson yet and fly out to recruit him again before sending him an offer. But oh shit, Richards now has no other suitors. No. Just lost to columbia :(. I love this game so far! I hope he comes back to Rock Hill as he'll be needed next season. Sports game manuals are getting thinner than a rehabilitated Lindsey Lohan, so a tutorial in 2K8 showing you all of the special moves you'll be able to pull off in the game is a welcome addition. Rezension aus den Vereinigten Staaten vom 17. Had the perfect combo for me to start out. Subsequent 20+ point wins against Campbell and Gardner-Webb lessened the blow a bit. I am using Texas State, I went 16-15 my first year. My 5'11, SR SG #1 Steven Rush has been a BEAST in my last 5 games, averaging over 30+ ppg. I am with Elon as well. I like to play'em. I’m a little worried about his ability to move to center given these block numbers, but the scoring, rebounding, three-point AAU stats are encouraging. Richards signs with Western Illinois the next week. wtsoxfan 12 years ago #1. Hmmm, I can't decide between Princeton and UC-Riverside. ND brings the ball down and misses a contested 3 and I get rebound and call timeout with 3.7 seconds...Have to go 3/4 court but for some messed up reason they don't contest the inbounds pass so I am able to easily inbound to half-court, my PG Timberlake takes it to the top of the key and drains the 3 to win it at the horn! My first visit goes to 6’7 power forward Bud Richards out of Madison, Wisconsin, which means he’s a regional recruit for me. In this type of campaign, the user has the option of going with Open Legacy or Career Legacy. On the court, I win three straight in conference. I wanted to use Princeton but the "Penn Quakers" glitch killed it for me.. I usually just leave this alone, but it's your game, do what you want :). I was recruiting two 3* players which would have been nice but one of them already went elsewhere...to Harvard of all places!! im 8-10(6-5) with Eastern Illinois Panthers. 26 at his position. We'd both traded misses at the buzzer in regulation and OT 1. Just trying to get some guards in here. Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen. I'm still trying to get used to this since I usually start out with Army the previous years. It is nice to care about 3 star players now. ... College Hoops 2K8 Sac State Legacy Y3G27 vs Portland State - Duration: 12:43. 32 shooting guard). Now I see Im using firefox and it looks fine on mine, but explorer that **** is a mess, Weird cause each team is separated by two shades of green on my browser and that is the code I entered. Pressing the right thumb stick in gives you a nice overview of the team, and the LB and RB buttons will take you through other pages. 5-2 with UNC. I use my scholarship to offer another point guard, Utah’s Hesse Gosley, ranked No. 43 power forward. Eventually I started hitting free throws and cut it to 1. I'm primarily simming & recruiting until I get a decent mid major job then I'm gonna start playing a little more. This includes the basics, such as in-game stats, but also more valuable information, such as attribute values that are the real meat and potatoes of player scouting. I was down by 19 at the half and lost by 23. One of the most powerful of these is the amateur basketball league (ABL), which is aimed at helping you zero in on the best up-and-coming talent. Going for the miracle grab with DePaul and Northwestern still maxed out on his interest without an offer. Started one with St. Francis, I'm not through ABl yet, though. I just finished my first season with Northern Colorado (played all games). We are sitting at 7-3 overall and our first two conference games are against 2-9 Northwestern St and 1-8 Central Arkansas, but they are both on the road. While the NBA 2K franchise seemingly grows in popularity every year and exists as one gaming’s biggest annual releases, its college counterpart was discontinued after the 2K8 edition amid a licensing battle with EA Sports before the O’Bannon lawsuit eventually shut down college sports videos game as we know them. This helps me delay raising my own scouting grade until later in the legacy and really helps when scouting recruits. Dope. A real solid post player, a quick guard who can hit the 3, and a slashing small forward. In my last season at SHSU I won the first two conference tourney games and then lost in the championship by 4, I can'g begin to count how many games I've lost by 5 or less points, it's sickening. I would rather run and gun more and then kick it for open 3's versus looking for 3's first. should I start wit the difficult level at All American or should I raise it as my players get better or I go to a better team. I got blitzed by a lot of my non-conference schedule (Notre Dame, Florida, Miami, etc), but once I got into conference play, I've dominated everybody except East Tennessee State, who handed my backside to me last night. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Hopefully I can go deep into the conference tourney. Recruiting visits still works similarly to years' past. Then I just had a total turn around when it mattered and I'm going 8-5 in conference. 168 overall recruit, in Aurora, Colorado. Fortunately, I have four open scholarships to work with. I have managed to start 4-0 in Big Sky play. The background dark brown that is suppose to be gold or the text where the news articles are? If so, you can always head to OS and chat about your experiences. Wow this will be the 5th post in a row from someone from MN jeah...Started a CAREER with Sacramento St i put my coach attribute points all towards charisma so i can get players in right away and learn to coach later... 0-2 with losses to Kansas St and S. Utah. We’ll worry about the outside shooting later. PEACE. Than I was offered the Syracuse job currently in my 1st yr. In Open Legacy, the user can choose any school and begin their legacy. I also lost in OT to East Tennessee who was the A-Sun tourney rep the last season. Please tell me you're simming your games. Bush is a monster, he finished the regular season with 28 PPG. Glad you like it so far! It won’t be easy in the opening season, but my coach’s B+ charisma should help. I guess we scared them into playing better. He is my goto guy to create. As you attend multiple games throughout the ABL season--which culminates in a cross-regional tournament featuring the best teams from all over--you'll be able to add and subtract players from your target list as potential recruits for your team. First season with Monmouth University, 3-3 so far. The menu system in 2K still seems unintuitive. Well, and it’s also because I still see tons of college uniforms and arenas in things like MyTeam: But every time I see this stuff it just makes me want a college basketball game all over again. As I start conference play, Colorado passes me for Bronson before even offering him. The other option is to take players through individual drills that are based on the same skill-based minigames described in our last look at the game. My strategy is to get one coach that has good coaching stats, Offense, Defense, Teaching to help the team along. So far, I've beaten Georgia State, Winston-Salem State, and Western Carolina. Started all the way back in 2007, this thread about College Hoops 2K8 Legacy mode stories still gets hit up today with new updates from folks. I keep going back and forth on running with a Texas school in career legacy or playing with Baylor in open legacy. Let’s start off by answering some basic questions about the game. who was getting to the rim at will in the first half. I'm trying to figure out what team to play with. Also, Centenary College of the Summit League was unlicensed and instead named UL-Calcutta. Well i think i might stop writing til i finally get to MD. Once again no contest. Montana was unstoppable all year. Lost to Nichols State 47-43. I checked them out online and they are 8-1 so far which is fairly decent. You guys know it says career legacy, right? Got the last achievement for going up in conferences. The game also featured the ability to change and modify rosters and share them online via the newly introduced 2K Share feature. i lost my starting SF for 2 weeks(strained quad) and the guy filling in has been a rebounding machine. He left after one yr and I booked it to gonzaga stayed there for 3 years made the championship game in yr 3.

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