Read full topic…, Hi. Ranged Fighters have always been a step behind Melee Fighters due to how hard it can be to use Blast Arts Cards effectively, but SP SSJ Kid Goku GRN makes utilizing his Ranged toolkit a breeze. Not recommended on the Bench or Core whatsoever. Dragon Ball Legends Weekly Megathread October 31, 2020 - November 06, 2020. A lot of his toolkit revolves around his “The Pain Etched in Me” Unique Ability, which restores 10 Ki and gives him 10% damage inflicted when he draws a card. Best Gifts For Gamers 2020 – The Ultimate Gaming Gift List, PlayStation 5 Release Date, Specifications, Price, and Performance. His “Lover of Justice” Unique Ability gives him a 15% Damage inflicted Buff per Teammate when he enters the battlefield, adding to his already high Blast Attack stat. He suffers from a lack of reliable Damage Unique Abilities and is fragile. He could have trouble finding a home, considering he has a lot of competition in the primary Green slot on his Teams, but is good enough to justify himself as a starter. SP SSJ2 Goku YEL heals himself and removes attribute upgrades through his Main Ability. It’s outright power creep, and his blast focus is not preferred for most Regeneration fighters to boot. For a free Fighter, she’s sensational. SP Fusion Zamasu PUR and SP Teen Trunks PUR are better on the core of Future, so he’s just a tertiary choice at this point, but he’s not unusable by any means. SP Goku PUR is too focused on special move buffs and last man standing. He does have a problem with. Everyone expected SP SSB Goku BLU to move up accordingly when God Ki got some more support, but he was  even better than advertised. Power creep has made this Fighter difficult to bring into PVP. SP Super Full Power Saiyan 4 Goku (Green), He has quite similar aspects to someone like. Regeneration always seems to take a seat behind another Team every Anniversary, and it just happened to poor SP UGA Super Buu GRN again. When her Teammates start dying--specifically Female Warriors--her Strike Damage becomes terrifying. SP Coora GRN even after his Balance Change is hard to justify in any Match, especially considering the fact that he's a Ranged Fighter with two Held Strike Arts Cards. He’s also a superior color for this meta, currently. Gamepress Tier List (August 1, 2020) Guide. He's been power crept and replaced in his primary Team multiple times over, but his Z-Ability is still useful. SP Perfect Cell YEL has lasted for what has seemed like forever. SP SSGSS Vegito BLU poses a massive problem to his slower, attrition based playstyle. While she’s still good, Regeneration is going to be taking a bit of a backseat to Teams like Future and whatever team. destroys all of his Cards upon activation but becomes a nuke based on the number of Cards destroyed. He's been replaced on Fusion and now Hybrid Saiyans a few times over. It might come as a shock to see an Anniversary unit fall so quickly, but they’ve done him no justice. Still, he’s outrageously durable, and gets increasingly scary the longer the game goes on. Unlike SP SSJ2 Gohan RED, however, SP Hit YEL’s very low base Defenses and Health make him very fragile on top of it all. Created Mar 19, 2018. While she’s still good, Regeneration is going to be taking a bit of a backseat to Teams like Future and whatever team SP SSJ2 Gohan RED finds himself in. He can struggle to do Damage unless he’s able to land Special Move Arts Cards. In order for him to be effective, he needs to be on a Team that can either use his Blast Arts Cards or compensate with four Strike Arts Cards. He can actually output some consistently great Damage, but he’s extremely fragile. While he's arguably still the starting Red unit on God Ki, he's largely carried by his teammates. He gets a wealth of Offensive Buffs that can’t be cancelled, making him arguably the hardest hitter in the game. The absolute best Fighters in the game. which deals massive amounts of Damage and Buffs any. These boast powerful abilities that will quickly make them the centerpiece of any team. His Unique Abilities haven’t aged well, even with the release of newer Vegeta variants. He'll fall to Tier 2 for now, but maybe only temporarily. It pains me to see blue broly movie gohan and ult gohan all the way down in tier 5. SP SSJ3 Goku GRN is not what some people were expecting, and his situation continues to worsen. He’s insufferable to play against. High Card costs and low Ki Restore Speeds have crippled SP Super Trunks GRN in the long term, and the general decline of the Strike-heavy Hybrid Saiyan Teams doesn't help matters. Coupled with his Main Ability which increases Card draw speed, this allows him to do significant amounts of Damage. Like level B , in rung C we find characters that are more for training. He’s strike based, does significantly more damage, and his Dragon Ball manipulation helps take advantage of one of the more powerful mechanics in the game in Rising Rushes. In this way, we could say that it is a new version of an old classic. Before choosing a team, you should be very careful as it is the main reason for your success. He’s a nice consolation prize for those who don’t have the aforementioned Rage Trunks at a decent enough star level, but even, he’s just flat out mediocre even at Z7. . Not recommended in the Core by any means, this Tier is generally reserved for solid Z-Ability/bench Fighters. Imagine being Tier 5 not even two months after being released. kicks him off the core of Future. He’s reached the Super Saiyan God form -- a Transformation which never expires -- and is excellent all around. He also brings some much needed Strike Arts Cards to the Future Tag. That being said, his Extra Move provides multiple Buffs and clears Attribute Downgrades. She's been badly power crept, but luckily her Z-Ability will always be very relevant. The main trait of his toolkit is elongated Combos, which doesn’t bode well for him considering how Damage mitigation works depending on how long the Combo is. Wasted Their CC. He is the only player of the Team who does not get too much damage from blasts due to its strike attack ability although the entire Team is not blast-centric. SP FF Cooler BLU’s Zenkai 1 Awakening is one of the best things that could’ve happened for SP Cooler PUR. Next, we will present the Dragon Ball Fighterz tier list that we have prepared for all our readers. Her Damage is a bit on the lower side until her Debuffs can stack up, but the rest of her toolkit is phenomenal. Despite the viability color counter Teams have gained, his Z-Ability limits him. SP SSJ3 Goku PUR and SP SSJ2 Gohan RED’s reigns of terror make Regeneration a complete liability to run, and GT is nowhere to be seen. Anti-Android skills are very situational. That being said, top of Tier 2 is really nothing to be ashamed of, his Damage is still a serious threat to anyone. All his Moves and Abilities are focused and play to his strengths, making him a formidable Tank. SP Android #17 PUR controls the Combat Loop very effectively with his well-rounded toolkit. His kit is pretty meh and at 14 stars his stats are comparable to 6* summonable SPs. His 60 timer count Damage Buffs and anti-Saiyan and anti-Regeneration Unique Abilities are solid and very relevant in the current Meta, but ultimately he’s still a bit too situational. The longer the Match goes, the stronger SP Merged Zamasu PUR becomes, but only a mere 15 timer counts need to pass for his most coveted Buff: 40% Damage inflicted which cannot be canceled. SP SSJ Gotenks PUR has pretty good Special Damage potential. He’s common, has a color advantage over him and also innate damage against Hybrid Saiyans. He has excellent Blast Attack and Crisis-esque Abilities. The release of SP Perfect Form Cell (Revived) RED and Zenkai 7 buff for SP Android #18 YEL has given the Android team a massive boost in effectiveness. Unfortunately he's always had problems due to his lack of Tags, and with SP SSGSS Vegito BLU running the Meta for the foreseeable future, it's made his situation insurmountable. Sadly, power creep makes that and his once potent Damage potential less viable in the Meta. His Main Ability prevents switching for 10 timer counts, allowing him to control the Combat Loop very effectively. He receives very little Buffs via Z-Ability on this team. have stagnated significantly and SP Pan BLU has no place on the core anymore. He's got solid Damage and high stats, but his toolkit is underwhelming overall. . His lock in and high Strike Damage can take out opposing SP SSJ2 Kefla GRN extremely fast. He found a somewhat unconventional home in Sagas. He’s actually quite fragile despite being able to Transform, unlike other Transforming Fighters. Tier 1 is no longer a participation medal for being part of a good team. Alternatively, SP SSGSS Vegeta (Future) PUR and SP Fusion Zamasu PUR work as starters on other top tier teams, like Vegeta Family and God Ki respectively. 11 posts - 2 participants For the most part, these Fighters are consistently brought into PVP matches on S or Z Tier Teams. Following are the complete Dragon Ball Legends SP Tier List of Tier-5. His appeal as an anti-Regeneration choice is seeing less and less incentive, as. hurts him tremendously, as he’s a popular Blue Fighter with a Damage inflicted Unique Ability against all, He’s a solid Support Fighter that gives his Teammates Damage Inflicted and an instant 30 Ki when switched out. He's down to Tier 2, and it'll be a challenge for him to move back up. His mixed Arts Cards and low Health can put him in a sub-optimal position quite often. His Main Ability gives him a massive 50% Blast Attack, and killing just one Enemy Fighter with him gives him great Damage Buffs when switched onto the battlefield from that point on. He won’t be here long due to his Zenkai banner coming out soon, but at Zenkai 1, Good Buu is a Tier 2 unit with those 2 running around. Many of his Abilities now have increased durations and after 5 stars, his Z-Ability Buffs Sagas Warriors. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. SP SSJG Goku RED is a jack of all trades and master of none. It’s quite a shame SP Fusion Zamasu PUR and SP SSGSS Vegeta PUR have the same color, because SP SSG Goku PUR is still phenomenal. that is exceptional late-game will keep them relevant for quite a while. He’s good, but not overly great. He has an incredible Offensive toolkit. Join. SP Basil BLU himself is extraordinarily strong Offensively, and currently solidifies himself as the best of the Trio for the time being. His toolkit provides good Support for any Regeneration and Legends Road Fighters. brings superior and much more consistent Support -- specifically her Ki restoration -- and has an infinitely better Health Z-Ability to boot, and as such should be used over her in the core or bench. GamingScan is reader-supported. A Purple Vegeta variant with dual Blast Arts Cards held is not something any Team really needed. Not weaker than the upper group heroes but they have some little flaws. Extreme Goku, SSJ Goku is the highly competent team builders. His toolkit revolves around his Ultimate Move activation, which gives him massive, permanent Buffs. Moderator of r/DragonballLegends. He gives Damage inflicted and restores Ki when he's swapped out. In this sense, we can say that it is a typical video game that belongs to the genre of fights with the theme of the famous Japanese series. EX SSJ2 Goku PUR is a formidable melee unit that can get out of control if he’s able to stick around, but that does tend to be a problem for him as he's not overly durable. Fighters that make up for their minuscule or moderately noticeable flaws by being good choices in solid Teams, they still have very strong above average toolkits but are not extremely over the top powerful.

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