It’s always entertaining and a great learning lesson to see these guys go from being on a boat to docking for fresh experiences in a new city. Needless to say, that’s a lot easier said than done. Join them as they set out to Harvest many different kinds of animals! History of The Gun – A new cable television show, History of the Gun airs on the Hunt Channel. Pursue the Wild (Amazon) – Remove any notion of traditional outdoor TV and welcome to the world of Kristy Titus, NRA Certified Instructor, Cabela’s Ambassador, and host of “Pursue the Wild.” From her success as a shooting instructor, mentor to fellow hunters and exciting adventures in the field, Titus is presenting the journey of her life. Like every good fisherman, Bill knows that it isn’t about what you catch, but how you get there. Frank is a family man who owns four fishing related businesses. p.s. Horn Stars Outdoors – A few guys with a desire to be in the outdoors created Horn Stars Outdoors as a way to share our experiences with others. Lindner’s Angling Edge – Old school James Lindner gives some nuts and bolt instruction and pointers to anglers of all levels. Pond fishing, McNuggets as bait, using guns to ice fish, fishing in solar eclipes, and more! Local Knowledge – Local Knowledge focuses on the culture of fishing as seen through the often humorous viewpoints of two drastically different fishermen from opposite sides of the country. Because Deadliest Catch has been on TV since 2005, you have a lot of seasons to catch up on. Shot To The Heart – Shot to the Heart is a new Outdoor Reality TV Program featuring couples that are experienced in various outdoor disciplines competing until there is only one winner standing. We HUNT THE BREAK! Who doesn’t the chemistry of a bunch of friends catching enormous fish and cuttin’ up? Catching the Impossible – Described as the greatest fishing films ever made, “Catching the Impossible” is a celebration of Britain’s underwater wildlife and the excitement of trying to find and catch our largest fish. On the show, they travel around North America and expose their audiences to the ins and outs of fly fishing, which is a popular angling technique that certain fishermen aren’t too familiar with. Founded way back in 1997, Netflix has been a pioneer of online video content ever since. HE ALSO HOST THE OUTDOORSMAN’S ART RADIO SHOW WHICH IS HEARD ON 19 PLATFORMS. Striving to turn their dreams and other people’s dreams into reality. Bill’s overall mission has been to educate audiences about fishing, sharing some of his favorite tips and tricks. More about how it works here. While in pursuit of big and small game, Alli and Adriana bring a fresh look and youthful energy to the hunting industry.

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