Boire un petit coup c´est doux. Lyr Add: French Canadian Songs- Voyages sur Mer, Req: english language version of 'le Gabier Noir', Lyr Add: Mary Anne Went to the Mill (French), Lyr Req: Alouette parody (English version), ADD: french folk song about Normandy-Ma Normandie, Lyr Add: La Laine Des Moutons (trad. Related. This brings me back to memories of my very first trip to Europe oh so long ago when I was younger and more foolish. Just like real family. When she entered the dining room, the entire group--she hadn't even met most of them-- burst spontaneously into joyous song: “Elle est des nôtres…”. } 2. non, Et la tête, sous le rob-i-net. ADD: French song, J'ai ma combine - translate? Posted by: non non non, Goû-tons voir, si le vin est bon. 1. You can find the lyrics in the video’s description on YouTube. If that’s the case, please be safe and do not drive home! They love a party or a fête, the larger the group the better. Posted by: I forgot the link to the "southern," recipe, Posted by: You can see it done with a large group, at this youtube site. I’ve never heard all of these sung at once, but I suppose that could become similar to a difficult game of Jacques a dit (Simon Says) if you’re already bourré(e) (drunk). No need to be rude and make everyone sing and wait. water tap or the tap of the wine barrel.) French Vocabulary – Tickets in the drawer. I learned this song from all my European friends. wall, and the head under the tap!" This song sings specifically of wine. Another thing worth noting is that the words used are a mix of Latin and slang — it’s not les parties du corps (the body parts) you learned in class. The word they’re singing, glou, is an example of une onomatopée (onomatopoeia). The most common French drinking song I hear is called "Il est les notres" (He’s One of Us). I found a translation of the song at the site French Rescue (which also features a video with an authentically drunken rendition of it), although their translation doesn’t quite capture the French slang: Il est des nôtres                                    He's one of us, Il a bu son verre comme les autres        He has drunk his glass like the others, C'est un ivrogne                                    He's a drunkard, Ca se voit rien qu'à sa trogne                you can see it from his face, Ami [nom de l'ami] lève ton verre,          Brother {name of the friend] raise your glass, et surtout, ne le renverse pas                 And above all, don't spill anything, et porte le                                             and put it, du frontibus                                           from your forehead, au nasibus                                             to your nose, au mentibus                                           to your chin, au ventribus                                           to your belly, au sexibus                                              to your sex, à l'aquarium                                           to your mouth, et glou et glou et glou                             and gulp and gulp and gulp. J'en boirai oui oui oui etc. to add (suggestions are welcome!) Un air de vieille romance I want to make a nice manuscript for the teacher. It’s best to go as fast as you can. There are quite a few, but we’re going to focus on « Il est des nôtres » (He’s one of us). Comments are moderated and will not appear until approved by the author. Click on the cover to order. These two are really well known. In French Kids Songs & Rhymes we've gathered over 50 of France's best-loved traditional children's songs, presented in their original French language and with translations into English. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for French Drinking Songs - Stello on AllMusic - 1994 ... Chevaliers de la Table Ronde. | Check out comedian Kev Adams being praised with le Ban Bourguignon at the end of a show. (In English and French with piano French tennis player and musician Yannick Noah drank a bottle of beer at a festival and asked the audience to sing him the song. This topic is a bit late for the New Year’s Eve festivities (hope yours were fun), but while we’re thinking of such matters, let’s talk about a great French tradition: the Drinking Song.

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