I use these connected to a Jolida 302B tube amp, MMF 5.1 turntable, and Oppo 781 DVD player (HDCD and SACD). $12.90 shipping. And for the bass, a combination of the FC12 bass unit and 12 inch ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) together with the carefully damped enclosure form an acoustic circuit that operates smoothly to frequencies well below 40 Hz. It was manufactured from 1986 to unknown. This monitor loudspeaker system has an exceptionally wide and flat, frequency response.” It might be an elderly setup but I'm happy to let it be, why spend a lifetime and a small fortune searching for a few more small points of perfection via the path of frustration? All reviews reflect the extraordinary quality and reliability of these speakers! Not an easy thing to achieve. They will still sound better than most of speakers within this price range, however, there there many speakers out there that will play the busy passages with greater level of separation/transparency. The speakers turned out to be Celestion Ditton 44 powered via vintage Sugden Class A amp (don’t remember exact model). I drive all 4 speakers through two amps. Joined Jan 23, 2004 Messages 2,550 Location Mechanicsburg, PA Real Name Dave Mar 20, 2017 #14 of 14 Booant23 said: Some one is selling genesis g 610 speakers. And the speakers are large, with contenders for the biggest box in Christendom.   I went for a browse and fallen in love with the music that was playing in the background – one of the soulful tracks by Eric Bibb was playing from the rotating black disc… Sound was coming from a set of old looking speakers, powered by really strange (it was to me at the time) looking amplifier. The crossover has resulted from considerable research and crossover points are at 500 Hz and 5000 Hz, 80 watts maximum. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best-selling in Speakers & Subwoofers. 5. Helium 400BT ... Genesis Holm 300 RGB is a unique desk, thanks to which all the necessary accessories you will always have at hand during the next long battle. We are your premier destination for ultra high-end luxury loudspeakers and amplifier systems for music lovers desiring absolute sound perfection. This was the time when I realised that sometimes vintage equipment can deliver things that modern can’t (there may be different reasons for it, including nostalgia, but it works). The finishing quality of the drivers isn’t great. They are Addictive – speakers that give meaning to the phrase ‘listening pleasure. The finishing quality of the drivers isn’t great. As a result of this, MG15s were still generating fairly loud noise at 30Hz where as 66s were nearly silent. The Genesis Physics 66 is a dynamic speaker. Something went wrong. G928 – the Classic 2 x 12″ subwoofer. photo/top - specifications - order parts: Original or Series 2 Despite being diminutive in size, all members of the G7-series display spectacular imaging, cast huge soundstages, and sound very much larger than they look. One bass speaker is scraping a little and is about to be replaced with an ebay spare, but after ten years I have no intention of changing these lovely representatives of the art of speaker design. Baskets of the bass drivers are made from a nice die cast alloy. Within the cabinet are a superbly matched set of drivers and the Auxiliary Bass Radiator, all aligned on a single vertical axis to minimize diffraction effects. Balanced and completely non-fatiguing. $40.00. 8 product ratings. The tweeter domes are covered with protective metal mesh that often comes off. Speakers were upgraded (more on it here) adhering to the factory specifications. We continue to fulfill all orders and beg your patience for any delays in shipping or answering your calls. I have used my celestion 66 for more than 25 years. Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Older Genesis Models – Still beloved, many still have limited availability as they await a refreshed look and updated design. Everything is bland and flat when he heard the sound of 66. With the availability of excellent, high resolution, multi-channel movies and music on BluRay, it was time that a center speaker that is capable of delivering audiophile levels of resolution be made available. “The Celestion Ditton 66 is designed to true professional standards of sound accuracy. The best way to contact us, is through our contact page on this website or through our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GenesisAdvancedTechnologies/. Clear and full bodied sound with plenty of dynamics and well controlled deep bass. It's amazing! With the availability of excellent, high resolution, multi-channel movies and music on BluRay, it was time that a center speaker that is capable of delivering audiophile levels of resolution be made available. The grilles are made from thin metal (not something that you see very often!)

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