It is possible to actually see him and any lwa especially if you have highly developed psychic abilities but this is rare. Papa Legba has very suddenly jumped into my life and this has opened to me a sudden fascination with the African dieties and spirits — esp Papa Legba, who seems to be ever present now. hello can you please give me so advice about a petition to Ogun and also what to do to invoke him so my wish can be granted asap. I am in love with a man that doesn’t believe in spirits, a wannabe atheist, will the spirits help me work things out with him anyway? Papa Legba is always invoked at the beginning and ending of every ceremony. I tried to ask the staff, however they all spoke in Spanish and I don’t speak Spanish. You only really need to dispose of perishables. You can start by making an offering to them each Monday. This is a way to honor the “home” of this Lwa, the gate. She is gentle and stable but also protective. a phone call. This may be in the form of anything as simple as candy or some toys that children love to play with and enjoy. Can you please tell me who or which Saint or lwa I can petition for financial assistance. There’s no set time. Legba may also drink coffee, cola, and trempe. You could offer Anaisa some flowers or a glass of beer with a drop of perfume in it. Shouldn’t it be working by Now? I use small white taper candles that will burn out in a few hours. . I want to return him back and want him to want me back sexually how can I do this with St. martha? Popcorn with molasses or caramel syrup is a nice offering. For matters of fertility, I would advise working with Yemaya, but since you asked about Ochun, the set up you described for an altar sounds perfect. Legba is needed by everyone including the Lwa. I’ve done that and it works just fine. . .please I need help from your saints. I have always thought to be child of ochun and have always had an altar for her. Or do you think it’s best not to do together as if heard Anayis pye might get jealous ? Is it okay to ask the same petition? Do I need to ask for Papa Legba’s permission before I work with Oshun — or is he just for the Iwa? Any suggestions will be helpful. Change ). 3 weeks ago I built an alter to papa and have been doing rituals, offerings and finding out all I can about papa. Thereby, opening new doors of opportunity and life for them. I’m glad you are enjoying the website and thank you for commenting! In the meantime, you can definitely begin to serve her. I don’t live at my Dad’s anymore, I am staying with a friend. Also keep trying to get in touch with whoever did the work for you and tell him what is happening. Summon Papa Legba – Magical Way. Dearest James,happy Easter x It’s all about preferences. Hey! Similarly when working with the ghede lwa, you must seek the blessing of Baron Samedi. It’s not Voodoo and the “man” who shows up is not Papa Legba. Will this happen with Anaisa Pye We know the lwa are working based on changes effected in our lived and not necessarily through supernatural visions. One day i would like to buy one of your servives. I too live in a city where there are only busy crossroads around. Thank you for being in touch. It will work just fine! He can speak all the languages and is associated with the spiritual crossroads, gates or doors. Yes, it is absolutely possible to work with both. Thanks how do i put saint expedite into use. Normally they have to be given within your own casa de santo from your madrina/padrino. Is there anything i can do to welcome true love and blessings into my life. I’m not really sure as to how to work with the Orisha according to the traditional rules of Regla de Ocha, but in Voodoo you must go through Legba first, which it’s a simple to request that he open the gate. This is a test from Papa Legba. So is red wine and apples. Thank you for being in touch. You can even pour some honey directly into the river along with 5 pennies any time as a simple offering to seek her blessing and protection. His personal beliefs regarding the spirit world make no difference. You are definitely a child of Lebba and have received the unique and special blessing of being called by him directly. I see this all the time. What other approaches should I take? So , after you offer Papa Legba food , what’s done with any left ? I don’t really know anybody in Florida in the Vodou/Voodoo community but I know in Fort Lauderdale there is a large Haitian community so there must be some. The work I had done was very expensive. He walks with limp that is used by him for multidimensional travel or between 2 worlds i.e. It is possible to do a service to more than one spirit at a time, but make sure to keep their images, sacred items and offerings on separate sections of the altar. Thank you for being in touch. He is listening. Thank you for stopping my website. It’s usually much faster, but three months is usually the recommend wait time to see if anything manifests. If not approached with caution, it’s definitely possible to create a huge mess. In the Santeria tradition Madamas are often dressed in the colors of the Orisha that owned their head in life. If you have a closet you could build it in their so that the spirits and saints have a private space. I would continue the offerings and ask for his blessings and for whatever you’d like to manifest in your life. I can send that you have a highly developed intuitive sense already which will be helpful in dealing with the spirit world. I would give it a good three months to see if she grants your request. Oshun☺. Other signs besides dreams that might manifest are seeing or hearing certain word or number patterns repeatedly and also the situation starting to sort out in terms of how you’ve requested. In addition I wanted to include papa legba for assistance and manifestation in my Spell. You can leave your Madama shot glasses of rum, cigars, candy or anything you’d like that you feel your cats won’t get into.

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