Computer simulations . fo: føroyskt The flight crashed during the initial climb phase, shortly after takeoff from Anchorage due to pilot intoxication. am: አማርኛ [Yiddish] [Danish] ur: اردو zh-yue: 粵語 arz: مصرى [Malay] [Western Punjabi] aplimit: 50, The driver of the crew car, a friend of the captain, stated that "...he was in good condition as far as way's I've seen him sometimes and I made that that statement before I ever heard any rumors that he was supposedly drunk or had been partying or whatever.". All 258 passengers and 13 crew on board were killed, along with two people on the ground. [Hebrew] 1/ Thhming' flightcrew reported tfiat and crew change were scheduled at Anchorage, AM. [Eastern Punjabi] de: Deutsch Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is a major airport in the U.S. state of Alaska, located 5 miles (8 km) southwest of downtown Anchorage. [Norwegian (Bokmål)] . [Kurdish (Kurmanji)] af: Afrikaans After several communications with the controller, the aircraft taxied onto runway 24R, and reported "...ready for takeoff." an: aragonés kk: қазақша At 04:50 local time a taxi dispatcher phoned JAL and warned of an intoxicated pilot. The JAL personnel stated that they did not see any ice on the aircraft. The crash of Korean Air Flight 801 in 1997 was attributed to the pilot's decision to land despite the junior officer's disagreement, while the crash of Avianca Flight 52 was caused by the failure to communicate critical low-fuel data between pilots and controllers, and by the failure of the controllers to ask the pilots if they were declaring an emergency and assist the pilots in landing the aircraft. First officer Kunihika Akitani, age 31, hired by Japan Airlines on May 6, 1970 and certified as a copilot on the DC-8 on August 1, 1976. sa: संस्कृतम् url: "", [1] [2] [3], The aircraft involved in the accident was a Douglas DC-8-62AF, equipped with four Pratt & Whitney JT3D engines; registered JA8054 to JAL Cargo, a subsidiary of Japan Airlines. i .. 1. mn: монгол Several aviation incidents and accidents have occurred in which the control surfaces of the aircraft became disabled, often due to failure of hydraulic systems or the flight control system. no: norsk bokmål The taxi driver who drove Captain Marsh to the airport told investigators that he seemed disoriented. [Belarusian (Taraškievica)] Culture can affect aviation safety through its effect on how the flight crew deals with difficult situations; cultures with lower power distances and higher levels of individuality can result in better aviation safety outcomes. mzn: مازِرونی bar: Boarisch sl: slovenščina (Closed - Acceptable Action), Unless otherwise stated: copyright © 1996-2020 Aviation Safety Network (ASN). Calculations show that the temperature of the fuel in the wing tanks after refueling from 20 to 25.5°F. [Albanian] . bn: বাংলা Marsh had logged a total of 23,252 flight hours, including 4,040 hours on the DC-8. At 0635:19.5 the captain called "Ten degrees" and at 0635:21.4 the first officer called V, A witness near the departure end of the runway saw the aircraft climb to an estimated altitude of about 100 feet above the ground, veer to the left, and then slide "...out of the air.". [Romanian] [Georgian] This page was last edited on 4 July 2018, at 15:10. [Neapolitan] pms: Piemontèis [Ossetian] ba: башҡортса The airplane operated on a flight from Anchorage International Airport, AK (ANC) to Tokyo-Haneda Airport (HND). Of the 13 persons interviewed regarding the captain's activities before reporting to the airport, 5 close acquaintances said that he showed no signs of drinking or that he had not had a drink in their presence. mrj: кырык мары Because of the fog at 20°F and the below freezing temperature of the skin above the fuel tanks, the supercooled water droplets in the fog could have accumulated on the wing and formed rime ice. The airspeed trace became erratic as though there was a disturbance in the airflow sensed by the alternate pitot static system. var titles = Array(); [2]. Yokokawa had 4,920 flight hours, including 2,757 hours on the DC-8. JAL Cargo Flight 8054 was a charter flight on January 13, 1977, from Grant County, Washington, United States to Tokyo, Japan with a stopover in Anchorage, Alaska, United States. JALCARGO - cargo division in Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. Visit our website to find network, timetable, flight status, ULD, product & service and more! . [Lombard] All five passengers were killed on the accident. arrived at Anchorage at 0503. Aircraft are not designed to be flown in such circumstances, however a small number of pilots have had some success in flying and landing aircraft with disabled controls.

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