I cant hear the difference between Dm and Bb? FROM S. FOSTER DAMON: "Notes to 'Jim Along Josey' [Firth & Hall edition (1840)]", in Series of Old American Songs (Brown University Library, 1936, No. The song became used as a ‘play party song’ in the Middle West and was admitted as a game even among those stricter sects that prohibited dancing. The Governor was received by the Commodore, Captain and officers, and saluted with eleven guns. A fiddle (violin) and other instruments would play the music for the dancing.

"The phrase "all the go" is like the current slang phrase "all that". In February 1839, John Washington Smith was singing it at the Bowery Amphitheater (Odell: Annals IV, 324). First couple chassez the center (slide step) to the foot of the set and back to place, with both hands joined. Head couple comes back up the center and all follow down the outside. "Jim Along Josie" is a song that began as a b lackface minstrel song in which African Americans and enslaved people are mocked and demoralized. PROCK. The Minstrel Version- Based on the Harper 1838 version which entered the folk process and eventually changed the number of verses from 4 verses to two verses. In the title "Jim Along Josey" the word- Josey, is used as a name (could be a man's or woman's name) The word "Josey" is an African-American dance step and also a minstrel slang for a type … "Get Along Josey" could just as easily be substituted for "Jim Along Josey."

Jim Along Joe Has very long arms Jim Along Joe Has very big hands. The Very Celebrated & Popular American Melody. The word, Jim, is not really used for a name. They looked well, and welcomed me back to Liberia with the cordiality of old friendship. He and his suite dined in the cabin, and some of the officers of the Porpoise in the ward-room. The word, Jim, is not really used for a name.

FINAL NOTES: "Jim Along Josey" is one of the early minstrel songs and has had a profound effect on the lyrics and popularity of many American songs. There is one version entitled, "Git Along Josie. NOTES: AABB form later developed into AB form (the verse being only two lines instead of four). Bodleian Library collection has numerous broadside printings of Jim Along Josie” in the British Isles from the 1840’s to 1860’s. The stricter sects, which prohibited dancing, whether square or round, admitted "Jim Along Josey" as a game and not a dance, although to uncritical eyes the players seemed to be doing something easily mistaken for a Virginia reel.

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