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Save every motherfuckin’ roach, tryna smoke Again, impossible to calculate. In Dicky's previous video -- a collaboration with Snoop Dogg -- he at least lays out why he thinks it will work: "Literally I can reinvent myself, I get a forum to express myself.". The standard Netflix packages run $9.99 per month. I never join the shits though – SAVED: Probably at least 50% of the money in that 401k — a little sloppy because it’s really the initial investment minus 10% for fees then 40% off that amount because of taxes, but you get the point (x – 10% = y, y – 40% = theoretical post-tax income). Walgreens card shoppin' all the off brands But, I’m sure Lil Dicky needs a place to stay when he isn’t crashing other rapper’s video shoots, so let’s assume he only rents out his room for half the year.

All them bitches actin' holy, ain't got no God in 'em I feel like I should know this since I live in Colorado.
You didn't even mean that? Your life isn’t complete until you hear a rap song about saving money. Have you ever heard a rap song about saving money? He can save a ton of money by avoiding the AC! 15.6k votes, 1.9k comments. Save every motherfuckin' roach, tryna smoke We ain’t really got it like ya’ll Saving roaches depends on how much he smokes and how much he pays for weed. Ay, we gon' save that money Assuming it’s a non-negligible amount that totals to $7.5k, he probably put ~7.1k in there and made $400 free money. Washing your undies in the sink sounds like a fine way to do it. And I might make work more difficult for you than it need be You didn’t even mean that? You know what, a full verse would have been to expensive anyways

Free trial memberships though There are two claims here: peep matinees (that’s a movie matinee right? I feel like my life is more complete now, hearing that song. Would he choose his investments by himself – would he be that savvy? PIt's not a bad way for newcomers to skip the XXL magazine Freshmen cover, and go straight for a GQ profile. He’s only twenty-nine and “Ex-Boyfriend” went viral five years ago, so I’m assuming he quit sometime around 2014. If a study was more than a few years old, I adjusted the numbers to 2017 dollars using this nifty calculator. Ummm….gross. – SAVED: If he retires by 59, his principal investment is worth ~$65k at the end of 30 years as opposed to ~$4k (initial investment of $7.5k – withdrawal fees of 10% = $6.75k income, $6.75k income – 40% bc high income tax bracket = $2.7k, $6.75k – $2.7k = $4.05k money in the bank). We ain’t ’bout to go and spend money just to flex on her For the General Tso line, he’s talking about grabbing a couple free samples of General Tso’s chicken in the food court instead of going to Subway or something. You can save about 7.2 cents by turning off the lights during an 8-hour workday. Multiply them together, and voilà! Never forget that stunting is a habit. And lately I been stackin' up crazy © 2020 METROLYRICS, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.

Drugs are generic but still work the same Now let’s get into the really esoteric shit and make some major guesses. You can’t use all hand-me-downs, though, so let’s assume 30% of his wardrobe is in fact from other people and he didn’t pay for it. Do the math, I ain't never gettin' robbed (Itself one of 2014's finest works.) – TOTAL: $30.28. But think about it bro, you saw me get the burger with the bacon on the side Verdict: $87.80. Coppin' sweaters in the summer, went and sail on 'em In fact, he does the opposite. For his part, Lil Dicky twists words into laugh-out-loud knots -- on the bridge he goes full DJ Screw, slow-pitching his voice for a towering diatribe about haggling with a waiter. Sing a long like Haha, that’s for sure what I did on an extended trip when I’m running out (can even use body wash or soap instead of detergent). Jean size varies according to dudes’ leggage.

To what the difference in a cheeseburger verse the bacon cheeseburger was in making my decision Final point: I don’t think Lil Dicky’s paying attention to any of this shit. The fuck you rappers bragging ’bout? Just so I can whet the appetite of dick Ay, we gon’ save that money (I’m so thrifty) Ay, we gon’ save that money (I’m so stingy) Ay, we gon’ save that money What we do? Replies to my comments I ain’t never hit a bar with a cover

Imma get on Yelp in a minute and review this piece of shit place like only a **** know how You ain't heard of lil Dave, or L the Jew biz major I think, I ain't parkin' that unless the meter green homie Check the clothes in my drawers, I ain't playin' around Peep matinees phone bill got the motherfuckin’ fam on it.

SAVED: At least 10% on however much money he had in the 401k by rolling it over rather than withdrawing it (which is what “78% of twenty-somethings do when they leave a company,” because they’re not used to thinking very hard – Ramit Sethi, minus the aggressive part). ‘Cause I might just ask what the ice cube’s worth Medical billing errors! If the average haircut costs $28, you can save a nice bit o’ cash by getting your hair cut once per quarter instead of every month. If the average American goes out to a movie five times per year, that’s $11.25 saved.
Lil Dicky just became my favorite rapper . And the waiter been refillin’ that without a word of caution I….don’t know.

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Matinees are $2.25 cheaper than full-price tickets at my local movie theater. Ohh don’t double charge for me for that In his star-studded clip for freshly minted single "$ave Dat Money," 27-year-old rapper and former comedian Lil Dicky (real name David Burd) tries to have his bottle service and pop it too. Most dudes get their hair cut once per month or so.

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