Log in or register to write something here or to contact authors. He signed to half a dozen record labels, reinventing himself variously as a Latin, jazz or R&B artist, a torch singer and even a Vegas crooner. The therapy-speak and self-loathing may well all be part of the tortured drama-queen act, but few of us can claim to be as self-aware – and honest – as Marc Almond is. Much of Fantastic Star was originally recorded in New York with Mike Thorne, but later after signing to Mercury, was reworked in London. Pictures for Sad Children - An Artist's Implosion, Recipe born from efforts to re-create Chik-Fil-A's fried chicken, alt.folklore.urban FAQ at http://www.faqs.org/faqs/folklore-faq/part4/, Dr. Gardos at http://thriveonline.oxygen.com/sex/experts/drgardos/drgardos.09-24-99.html. ‘It was Polaroids and Super 8s at 50 paces, a strange stand-off.’ Almond’s recording history after Soft Cell split up in 1984 has been chequered. This is the school where he would meet his Soft Cell partner David Ball. Our cabbie, Sam from Dartford, is whisking us east to Spitalfields. Mark Peter Sinclair "Marc" Almond, OBE (born 9 July 1957) is an English singer-songwriter and musician. It helped me reconnect with family and friends. ‘We are put on pedestals so people can watch us being damaged on everyone else’s behalf. Other songs were produced by Mike Hedges and Martyn Ware. Nigel Farndale. He has had cosmetic surgery to remove the bags from under his eyes. In October 2004, Almond was seriously injured in a motorbike accident near St Paul's Cathedral, London. Under the Mambas moniker, Almond recorded two albums, Untitled and the seminal double opus Torment and Toreros. Ball and Almond received no publishing royalties for the single, however, because it was a cover version. [44] Finally, Almond released a studio recording of his 2011 show, Ten Plagues - A Song Cycle. Self-loathing clung to me like rust. During his time at art college, he did a series of performance theatre pieces: Zazou, Glamour in Squalor, Twilights and Lowlifes, as well as Andy Warhol inspired mini-movies. Jon Wood@rcwlitagency.com, Inkwell Management Almond also recorded a session for the album with John Cale, David Johanson, and Chris Spedding; some made the final cut. England has produced some of the most iconic, innovative, and popular rock stars in history. Dressed in black, he twists sideways in his seat, teeth gleaming with gold crowns whenever he smiles; a stud glints discreetly in his nose. Soft Cell's first release was an independent record (funded by Dave Ball's mother) entitled "Mutant Moments" via Red Rhino Records in 1980.[12]. Still, I always have the question in the back of my mind – how much longer am I going to be able to get away with this?’, ‘My time is going. ‘My life started collapsing in the mid-Nineties,’ Almond recalls. It was always that bisexuality thing. He then smashed the mirror and, with a shard, cut himself, drawing blood. People don’t say “the heterosexual artiste Rod Stewart”, do they?’, Almond doesn’t get attacked in the street as much as he used to. ‘But my attitude’s changed for the better, I think,’ he stresses, as we head south to take him home. His work in advancing electronic music influenced many generations of artists. Peter Marc Sinclair Almond was born in 1957 in Southport. or debate this issue live on our message boards. [54], In his autobiography, Almond describes being invited for initiation into Anton LaVey's Church of Satan, and that "not being one to turn down a theatrical moment and a chance to be relegated to the bad book, I immediately said yes." His nickname was Pwune. Love had to be sex. In addition, he has participated in several theater productions, including portraying the Roman philosopher Seneca in an experimental rock play. "Mutant Moments" came to the attention of music entrepreneur Stevo Pearce, who at the time was compiling a "futurist" chart for the music papers Record Mirror and Sounds which featured young, upcoming and experimental bands of the new wave of electronic sound.

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