NEXT: Haikyuu!! He's introduced to the show as a laid back and lazy guy that does the bare minimum. I`m trying to work, so be a good person and let me work. haikyuu-trash-can . Inspired by seeing him play on TV, Hinata joins Karasuno’s volleyball team. This is a fatal combination if you're a pinch server. Sakuga is a term used in anime to describe scenes in a show where the quality of animation improves immensely to emphasize a significant point. “Haikyuu!! In the third season of “Haikyuu! Unfollow. One animation technique “Haikyuu!! Here we examine the main characters' positions. His role model, “Tiny Giant,” is Karasuno High School’s former ace, who is even shorter than Hinata. Asahi is one of the more gentle and weak-willed characters despite his status as the team's ace. : 10 Things That Make It A Great Anime, Even For Non-Sports Fans. He shows both Coach Washijo and the audience not to listen to the negative opinions of others. She is considered the secret weapon of her school`s volleyball team and is often swapped in as a libero making usage of her amazing skills as a libero. hq!! !,” Karasuno plays against the best team in the prefecture, Shiratorizawa. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He's never overwhelmed in the heat of the moment, and even teaches Kageyama the importance of looking in from the sidelines to gain a new perspective on a match. Kepesh. Daichi's core values surround this sentiment, especially when he banishes Kageyama and Hinata from the team until they get along. To the Top” uses this technique whenever it wants to emphasize a player spiking the ball. To the Top” follows first-year middle blocker Hinata Shoyo, who stands at only 5’7 but has more than enough ambition and love for volleyball to make up for it. Coach Washijo reminisces about his teenage dream of becoming a professional volleyball player — a dream that was crushed by his own insecurities. When a fledging Hinata meets a high-handed Kageyama, all bets are off. His intellect serves him well during the matches, and when he gets serious, his ability to read the plays on the other side of the net comes close to reading the future. This article contains major spoilers for “Haikyuu!! Hinata may be small in stature, but he makes up for it in personality. manages to encapsulate teamwork, friendship, and competition. Lucy Sawamura (Japanese: 澤村 ルーシィ Sawamura Rūshi ) was a second-year at Fukurōdani Academy, and she was the volleyball team`s libero, middle blocker, outside hitter, and setter; making her an all-round player who can play most every position. “Haikyuu!! Without this ultimatum, we may never have seen Karasuno soar once again. Even so, that's not the case. Pinch servers come into a game when it's down to the wire and the next point could make or break the game. Kageyama starts off on the wrong foot as a self-centered dictator of the volleyball court. The more competitive Tsukki's spirit is, the better and more powerful he becomes during a match. She has a habit like Akaashi of calling people out on the foolish things they do, especially Bokuto, due to their opposing personalities. She also has a scary side, which is likened to Kageyama and Daichi`s scariness combined into one person, with even Akaashi not daring to even approach her when she is mad, upset, or pissed off.

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