You just follow the beacon, the head sticking out of the crowd.”. Just the same, I do believe that Pete’s lived experience as a gay man, knowing what it means to be an “other” in America, having his civil rights debated and threatened, gives him a unique ability to empathize with and use his privilege to advocate for Black Americans. It was a special service in honor of Black History Month, and the Rev. These are critical reforms and I respect that Pete talks about them, and the systemic racism they address, not only with Black voters, but in front of predominantly white audiences, affirming that “Black issues” are American issues. Or that one, either. Some are staffer, I am a surrogate for Pete’s campaign. “I found the candidate I was looking for in former South Bend Mayor, Pete Buttigieg,” said Miss Black America Ryann Richarson who is now a surrogate for the presidential candidate. The supposition was that as a privileged white man, he couldn’t know our struggle and that being gay doesn’t compare. I questioned everything I thought I knew and felt a sense of hopelessness about this country I once understood so well. We met at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 2019 Annual Legislative Conference, where I commended him on being one of the few candidates I feel addresses race and equity honestly and in good faith. We are rightfully risk-averse because history has not shown us that taking a risk for Black people typically pays off in America – I get that. Julian Castro’s exit is latest blow to diversity of 2020 presidential candidate field, institutional racism and sexism in America. Explore how shifts in turnout and voting patterns for key demographic groups could affect the presidential race. I wasn’t sure if anyone could do that. “I came into that conversation skeptical and walked away impressed,” she said. The audience peppered his speech with “mmm-hmms” and “Yes, sirs!”. According to Richardson, she and some of those women, who had driven from South Bend, had been watching from the sidelines and simply decided they wanted to get in on the excitement of their favorite candidate’s historic moment. Before that, the tech marketer-turned-founder and Diversity & Inclusion advocate spent 10 years building brands and culture for companies spanning early-stage startups (Victor) to billion-dollar “unicorns” (Uber) to the Fortune500 (T-Mobile/Deutsche Telekom). He talked about humility and how he was not seeking the presidency for exaltation but to be the chief servant of the people. There is no commonality between being gay, or POC, or Jewish. Pete released the ambitious Douglass Plan, which I advise reviewing here. He understands what it takes not to be in the center of the American ideal and in some regard be marginalized…And I get that, that resonates with me because there are women from Central America who are coming to our country with their children and being separated from them at the border. And it’s that kind of shock-and-awe effect that Buttigieg is going to need if he’s going to have any chance of making a dent in this state. No one can pronounce his name. “Welcome to Wakanda!” the preacher said with a smile. In the wake of the shooting death of Eric Logan by a South Bend police officer, Pete didn’t make excuses, or offer spin, or point to a host of Black leaders who ought to share the blame. And in this room with hundreds of attendees, maybe two of whom are white, mention of his name evokes a healthy round of Southern compliments. “He’s what, 37, 38 years old? I doubt she cares that my struggles have been different from hers when I use my voice to demand that she be treated with dignity. Through it all, she has been an unfailingly positive force for a campaign that at times has seemed to be marked by disorganization and an increasing wariness of the media. Keeping score of whose trauma reigns supreme, playing this strange game of “Oppression Olympics,” is counterproductive. Barack Backup!”. “I’ve never heard a politician accept accountability for a mistake ever, for a failure ever,” she says. Battlegrounds: These are the 50 political states of America. I’d expect nothing less. He’s polling at around 4 percent among African Americans here (up from zero percent in November) and 9 percent overall, according to the latest Washington Post polling average. She’ll take a brief hiatus back home in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, before racing back to Charleston for the homestretch to Saturday’s primary. Yes, Pete is a white man, and therefore he’s definitely afforded privileges, but compared to the Central American asylum seeker separated from her child at our southern border, so am I. “And I was thinking, ‘This is wild!’ Because I know as a black woman how I empathize with, align with and advocate for pretty much every other marginalized person in American. memories get foggy when recalling the institutional inequities, dismantling the financial incentives central to our criminal justice system, Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg declares, ‘Black Lives Matter’ at NAN Convention, our votes have been taken for granted by candidates, OPINION: The Democratic Party seems to want Black votes, but discouraged by the making of another Black president. They are the Garys to her Selina, documenting her every move with their cellphone cameras and whispering the names of luminaries into her ear. Furthermore, we have a responsibility to ourselves and to the future of Black America to explore those options, to question the conventional wisdom about who we should support, and to scrutinize the (sometimes long and problematic) record of any candidate who purports to deserve our loyalty. ‘All Lives Matter’: Mayor Pete’s White Fans Share Their True Thoughts About Black Voters, In South Carolina, Charlamagne Checks Pete Buttigieg On The Topic Of Race. Richardson, who will have the crown until a new Miss Black America is selected later this year, isn’t the only African American to endorse Buttigieg. My experiences as a Black American woman means that I identify with her … There were a lot of cameras in the room and a lot of visitors. “Twitter rage ensued. They’re different struggles. How are you? “I’m here with you. The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning.

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