Not to mention, the happy family welcomed another member to theirs in 2009. But after thinking about the possible significance of this story there was no way I could not write about it. Aside from being the social media personality thanks to her husband’s fame, there is not much information telling about Layla’s profession or job. It is mentioned that after the divorce, Kiffin received more than 34.5% of her husband’s earnings. Shortly thereafter Lane and Layla united happily in the marriage in the year 2000. Father of the widely imitated "Tampa Cover 2" defense, Kiffin's concepts are among the most influential in modern college and pro football. And how is she doing? Lane Kiffin's only son, Monte Knox Kiffin, draws his name from two obvious sources. Like where is she? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Similarly, Kiffin’s father has spent 11 seasons playing for the NFL. The star husband, Lane, was born as Lane Monte Kiffin on May 9, 1975. We added my middle name, which happens to also be my father’s middle name and there you have it. Another rather easy decision. If you didn’t notice there were three coaches fired this season in the SEC. In 1966, he played 8 games with the Toronto Rifles of the Continental Football League and also was a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers of the same league. And my job is more stable than a lot of college head coaching gigs. Then in March of 2016, both of them came to an agreement to get separated while still taking responsibility for their kids. [2], Before taking the role as Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator, Kiffin served as assistant head coach for the University of Southern California where his son Lane Kiffin was named head coach on January 12, 2010, and before that he served under his son as the defensive coordinator at the University of Tennessee. Likewise, the individuals of this sign are known to be ambitious, organized, and goal-oriented. With the growing fame, the family became the target of paparazzi and media. To this day, Kiffin's only head coaching job was at North Carolina State University from 1980 to 1982. But all of this changed after the couple parted ways in 2016. They share two additional children. Father Monte Kiffin; Mother Robin Kiffin; Sister/s Heidi Kiffin; Son/s Knox Kiffin; Daughter/s Landry kiffin, Pressley kiffin; Relationship Status Single; Wife/Spouse Layla Greer Reaves (m. 2004–2016) Divorce/Split Yes; Wedding Date 1 July 2004; Net Worth N/A Monte George Kiffin (born February 29, 1940) is an American football coach. But for new Tennessee Vols head coach, Lane Kiffin, the process was even easier. With the seamless transition on defense allowing the new coaching staff to focus intently on a more potent offensive philosophy, the result was an immediate balance between offense and defense that carried the Buccaneers to the organization's first championship in Super Bowl XXXVII on January 26, 2003 in San Diego, California. Rather than enjoying the fame and getting lost in it, Kiffin was the type to follow the shadows of her husband.

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