His other contribution was a letter to readers explaining his decision to leave retirement for full-time newspaper ownership that he expects will continue to lose money. Butz tells Arango that the previous owner “called me a romantic idealist and a nut case. "Whether the pilot made the right decision — to allow the helicopter to continue flying on despite low fog in the hillsides of Calabasas, where the aircraft crashed — will likely be at the center of the investigation into the cause of the crash. What was your approach to structuring the piece? Mr. Butz, a fourth-generation Californian and a former computer programmer and labor economist for the state, readily admitted that he had no idea what he had gotten himself into, and it did not help to learn that the paper’s publishing software was from the mid-1990s. Tim Godfrey - Alabanza Concert 5 South Africa Meets Nigeria - Duration: 15:49. Sometimes I list themes and scenes I want to touch on, but not a formal outline. A ruling on the cause of an aviation crash can take a year or more. With the demise of gold mining and the shuttering of the sawmills that were once an economic engine for the region, Downieville reinvented itself as a destination for mountain biking and fly fishing, with an abundance of Old West charm. “Simply put,” he wrote, “the horrible thought of this venerable institution folding up and vanishing after 166 years of continuous operation was simply more than I could bear.”The newspaper, he wrote, was “something we need in order to know ourselves.”.

Alan Blinder, Tim Arango and Dave Philipps of the New York Times reported the helicopter "received approval to fly even though weather conditions were worse than usual standards for flying. Countries: Asia. People huddled during the shooting in the art gallery. How did you get on to the story about Carl Butz and his purchase of The Mountain Messenger? “We would have to fall off the face of the earth to make one of those papers on a normal news day,” Mr. Adams said. The town's economy has historically relied on tobacco and figs, but neglect and war have rendered the agriculture industry dormant, and many men seek work as day laborers in the Kurdish cities of Erbil and Sulaimaniya. But on a recent Thursday morning, the day after deadline, he was just happy to have his first issue under his belt. Hasim Kilic, a Turkish photographer for the Hurriyet news organization who witnessed the attack and sold his images to Reuters, said in a telephone interview that the gunman had fired seven shots at the ambassador four from behind, three while the body was on the ground as guests screamed and scrambled to hide. The assassination also illustrated the long reach of the Syrian war. Bio: New York Times national correspondent, based in Los Angeles. Still, Mr. Russell, an old friend of Mr. Butz’s, was a reluctant seller.

Tim Arango for the New York Times. By Tim Arango June 6, 2012 SINJAR, Iraq — With her father sitting nearby, 16-year-old Jenan Merza struggled to explain why she was lying in bed recovering from a gunshot wound. A couple of moments later, after her father left the room to fix tea and coffee, she cried softly and admitted what really happened, how she had shot herself in the abdomen with her brother's Glock pistol after first trying with a Kalashnikov rifle — a weapon too long to point at herself and pull the trigger. “My daughter is already aware that her inheritance is shrinking.”, Downieville is a remarkably well-preserved old Gold Rush town, perched at a fork in the Yuba River in remote western Sierra County. Andrey G. Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, at an art gallery in Ankara on Monday, moments before he was shot. “The front page is blank,” replied Jill Tahija, the paper’s only other employee, sitting at an adjacent computer. It loses a few thousand dollars a year, and relies mostly on publishing legal notices from the county and other government offices, which brings in about $50,000 a year, for the bulk of its revenue. The gunman, wearing a dark suit and tie, was seen in video footage of the assault waving a pistol and shouting in Arabic: God is great! For this, they have often been branded as devil worshipers, which has justified historical oppression of the sect by extremist Muslims. “They were awful,” he said. “He called me a romantic idealist and a nut case. The new owner spared Downieville the fate of American communities which have become “news deserts” after anemic advertising and punishing operating costs doomed thousands of papers in the last two decades. While the focus is on Carl Butz, the story strikes me as a three-fold profile of the new owner, The Mountain Messenger and the town of Downieville. But the Russian government and the Turkish republic have the will to not fall into that provocation. There are no social media accounts, though Mr. Butz said he was thinking about creating a website for the paper. And that’s not a paraphrase, but a direct quote.” Arango sketches in that romance, along with some idiosyncracies that are familiar to any newsroom rat. The 18-time All-Star also won two scoring titles, two Finals MVP awards and a regular-season MVP in 2007-08. [3], He has previously reported for the Times about media and business, and was featured in the film Page One: Inside the New York Times. I was forced to get engaged.”. The father, Abdella Hassan, said that he had recently married his daughter to her cousin, and that shortly after the wedding she began “talking nonsense” and having hallucinations. At 16, she wants to remain a child. “His position was, it’s a losing proposition and someone who’d want it would be crazy,” Mr. Butz said. As the war ground on, the consequences for Turkey were profound. Carl Butz, the new owner of The Mountain Messenger, in the paper’s office in Downieville, Calif. Mr. Butz and Jill Tahija, The Messenger’s only other employee, working on an edition of the paper. [2], Arango obtained his master's degree in American studies from Brown University. Ms. Merza said she watched the show, and she admitted, “I wish I had that life,” but her anguish seems more basic. He was previously the Baghdad bureau chief of The New York Times. And then one night Mr. Butz was watching “Citizen Kane” on cable and thought, I can do that. This is a monumental loss for the entire basketball community and our hearts are quite simply broken. So we reached out to ask about the origins of the story, how he navigated that triple profile, and for tips on reporting and writing.

tarango@nytimes.com. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations said he was appalled by this senseless act of terror.

A story is a story no matter where it takes place, and being able to empathize with people and their personal journeys is the same whether it is in Iraq or Downieville. Those who pledged allegiance to Muhammad for jihad. ESPN, Sarah Mervosh and Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs of the New York Times and CNN's Jon Passantino reported the six passengers and pilot who were with the Bryants: Orange Coast College baseball coach John Altobelli, his wife Keri and daughter Alyssa; Christina Mauser, an assistant girls basketball coach at Harbor Day School in Corona Del Mar, California; Gianna's teammate Payton Chester and her mother Sarah; Ara Zobayan, the pilot. That's what happens here, we marry our relatives.”. He was one of the most extraordinary players in the history of our game with accomplishments that are legendary: five NBA championships, an NBA MVP award, 18 NBA All-Star selections, and two Olympic gold medals.

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