Download our new infographic to learn how IT can help the business before business users help themselves. Other indirect costs that may result from an incident may be legal costs related to claims from those who have been injured, as well as fines levied by government regulators. Is safety conceptual and if so, can the concept be moved to a set of plans to be implemented and eventually to a final product called safety? Alan Quilley recent published this article on his blog: Is it just “it is what it is”? (and away from work) BTW, I love Sarah Janes passion and video above. This is a website for travellers and asks the questions “what is safety for air travellers” and “what is safety for hiker”. This was a direct result of dramatically tighter credit standards, and with reduced leverage for home buyers. Hazards that they cannot remove or repair should be reported to management. The item above makes sense and can be fun, but the flip side – delivering the really tough information – can be a challenge. “Something that protects you – a barrier – from harm” – a tradesman. • Safety can be seen as something that comes out of the organisation that allows it to achieve its objectives (even in a high risk environment). Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Any other message or preoccupation with not being harmed is nonsense.The more the industry speaks nonsense to people, the less it can act professionally or ethically. As long as we put the intention and words of safety in front of some practice or some idea, we are somehow allowed to bully, intimidate, manipulate, overpower and say anything offensive, as long as we speak the sacred unchallenged words of safety. Is there a shared understanding of what the concept means and how it is played out across various levels in a business? I think some can connect with that and others will discount it. Health and safety in the workplace should be at the front of everyone’s minds. Marco Rogers, Senior Software Engineer, Yammer: To me, trust means working with a team of people who understand the goals of their company and their roles. 4. Is it just “it is what it is”? Just one more reason the word safety can be so complicated. ( Log Out /  “A sense that nothing (or no one) will intentionally hurt me” – a customer service consultant. Relationships with your colleagues become much stronger, as does your dedication to the company. 5. Apparently safety is something you can count therefore, when something is unsafe it can’t be counted. When using this definition, identifying the value of safety requires finding a way to show the economic benefits it provides, or the economic costs it avoids. Teams, where members trust each other to execute, are inherently productivity. Humans, by design, are very complex and are averse to being told what to do. Let’s combine these different employee perceptions of safety and in supporting each of them, we will be another big step closer to safety excellence. Understanding that each thinks of safety differently becomes vitally important when we try to create a culture of safety excellence. The trust we have in each other informs how we operate, and the way we operate encourages trust. If people are able to consistently demonstrate actions that align with the values they’ve committed to, then trust is born. Organizations with low trust are characterized by “office politics”: withholding information, infighting, hidden agendas, endless meetings, etc. If you a a vulnerable fallible human, you will suffer and be harmed, you will learn about pain and loss, you will learn about love and care, you will learn that life is short and social. Here’s what they said: Matt Ontell, Customer Success Manager, Yammer: It allows me to focus on my job, without second-guessing what others are doing. Of course, “value” has two meanings, and both of those meanings are important where a culture of safety is concerned. Them being together helps the one who doesn't like to take risk to take more risks and live more carefree, and it helps the other to learn to not always be so carefree and to be a bit more prudent. It means taking care not to fall or bump or run into things. When I come in to organisations I often start with a range of consultations, ‘walk-arounds’, observations and preliminary training, then deliver some services or maybe a program and it doesn’t take long before someone will come up to me and say: ‘Rob, this is not just about safety is it?’ and when that happens I know we are starting to get somewhere. Dan Pink highlights autonomy as a key motivator; autonomy is only possible where there is trust. Or, for a simplistic definition from, “Safety means keeping yourself and others free from harm or danger. Additionally it can mean that the time is right to reduce your term or payback time, from a 30 year to a 20 year or 15 year term, thus massively reducing your overall payback in interest. I earn trust by being transparent, direct and honest. Uploaded By elgallodesinaloa14. Yet it’s essential for them to know that you have their back. When this happens, the clients who did buy a home were well qualified and produced less risk than in previous markets. is safety tangible? Workers compensation costs can be measured as a function of a percentage of the hours worked, and costs for liability insurance, training, and safety supervision can be factored into costs of the project. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. When either party is not confident in another’s skill or competence, there’s little room for trust. At the very least, that includes in direct and indirect costs associated with accidents — such as medical bills and downtime — along with other costs that may result, such as increases in workers compensation and liability insurance premiums. I cant find the video from SJ. 9. Our core values, mission, and commitments, Prevention through Design Tools That Reduce Injuries on Sustainable Building Construction Sites, Understanding Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, Understanding the value of office ergonomics, What Contractors Need to Know About the EMR, Using Servant Leadership to Empower Employees to Lead Safety Cultures. Made me remember how and why I got into this game. For some other people, ‘safety’ referred to something personal, individuals and intimate – a felt experience -, while for others, the word extended to include the environment – animate or inanimate – in which people lived or worked. This has lead to much lower foreclosure activity, and in turn the market has stabilized. Do! These benefits and their impacts vary greatly, but they all have an impact on a business. It’s usually fairly easy to contrast these amounts with the cost of maintaining an effective level of safety. As an employee, you can make your workplace safer by: PCS Consultants, Inc. is your one-stop resource for a wide variety of safety and health solutions. Who within our state and federal governments is responsible for doing any due diligence on these organisations before major contracts are awarded? If safety is about trying to memorize sections of the Act so that we can dominate and rule others, then we have lost the plot. It is so simple and raw yet sends a very powerful message. Finally, you could now have equity to access – allowing you to payoff debt and credit cards, or to pay for college tuition or home improvement projects that you have been waiting to get the money together for. If for some reason the fund does lose value, it is the responsibility of the wrap issuer to make the funds whole. Fortunately, social tools make us more human, transparent and accessible, helping build trust. Employers and employees need to set goals around health and safety and then work together as a team to achieve them. Almost every presentation delivered at safety conferences is awash with obscurantist drivel that would rival the turgid sludge churned out by Jordan Peterson, the stupid man’s smart person and intellectual we deserve. One way to look at the economic value of safety is to determine the cost of a lack of safety, or the potential losses when there isn’t an effective safety function. Meanwhile cohorts of neurotic Tonton Macoutes armed with digital cameras and behavioural based safety checklists are patrolling projects looking for grammatical errors or solecisms in safe work method statements. )The other component impacting value is even more difficult to quantify, but it can be significant. Maybe now you can afford your child’s college education, or shortening the term so you are out of mortgage debt by retirement age. Just as important, employee morale tends to be significantly higher, which reduces turnover and absenteeism.Given those factors and safety’s bottom-line impact, it should come as no surprise that project owners are increasingly using safety metrics and related factors when evaluating companies to handle their projects. I hear and feel your pain Lance. I'm also the bestselling author of the definitive books on executive branding: Digital YOU, Ditch.Dare. This doesn’t diminish the suffering of others but the industry talks about safety as if it is an enduring ‘right’ and something one possesses. Even Barry Spud has come a long way since he posted this blog. Is Safety a real thing or do you just feel it –, Is Safety something you think or actually are –, Is Safety something that just exists when you aren’t in danger –, Are Safety and Danger things that are mutually exclusive or is protection from danger called risk management –. Is safety something you do or part of what you do –. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Safety should be about none of these things. Safety is certainly not about mandatory blood tests, especially by an French Canadian organisation recently involved in a major corruption scandal:, DWYSYWD – Do what you say you will do and don’t overcommit. Safe isn't a value unless you are talking about a persona valuing the sense of feeling safe. and Career Distinction. At the very least, that includes in direct and indirect costs associated with accidents — such as medical bills and downtime — along with other costs that may result, such as increases in workers compensation and liability insurance premiums. The speaker is possibly someone who likes to play it safe and not take chances, while the other likes to take risks and be carefree. That is the many intangible benefits created by an effective safety program and a deeply held safety culture. It connects at the emotional level, but is that enough for everyone? It means that there is a shared belief among owners, managers, workers, and others that safety is a way of life.

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