Not the best solution, but if it works, it works. 3- Right click on the local user and select export local user. Found your post and wondered if you have any suggestions. Then reinstall the old version 3 software (available on the Silhouette America website), and import your library (under ‘File’ choose ‘Library’, then choose ‘Import Library’). I am having trouble trying to import my Sil Lib files onto my new MacBook Air running Sierra 10.12.6 . If you have someone who knows computers who can help you, you might be able to salvage your old library if you backed up your library before updating the software. “Microsoft Print to PDF” is a virtual printer that comes pre-installed on Windows 10. I am having some issues with VS C# 2010.
By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. 1-There are many reasons to re install Silhouette Studio onto your PC. I’m sorry you had so much trouble. Strange, strange, strange. I have tried different version of the software, and HATE the cloud with a passion you can only imagine. hope I will have everything when installing the new version again. (It’s a known bug.)

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Wow… it just left them all behind “archived”? On a Mac, it’s pretty easy to print to PDF because this functionality is built into the operating system. You’ll know the folder has been unzipped because you’ll see a new icon of an open folder in your directory. I wish you’d gotten it sooner, too. That’s what I’m working on now. Go back to an old pre-cloud version of the software, import your library there (which it should do, no problem), then update to whatever version you want to work in. I just don’t know why the files are not downloading onto the external I even tried to get them to re download onto my new comp from the silhouette sight I even tried to reload them from silhouette sight (recover) and it did nothing. Make sure to remove your cut lines if you don’t want to see them in your PDF or JPG. That should work. We’re the ones running the old software that needs to be reindexed. offer exclusive deals on high quality premium design resources and free design resources. I don’t have a reindex option in my advanced folder. First, find out which version of Silhouette Studio you’re running. and edit the projects location box (the first one). My heart goes out to you. I have been afraid to update to V.4 but I may try it with your instructions. Thank you! V3.7 and later versions are cloud versions and don’t have a reindexing option.

Note that we’re talking about reindexing here and NOT about resetting. I’m just thankful I caught it in time to save my library. When you RESET your library…you’re resetting the library back to the original software installation settings…in other words you end up with an empty library. Some were and some were not – I have the lastest version and I like the features but it is still a mess using it – Takes forever to get it going – sometimes it will not download my new purchases – and the bottom line is — a lot of work to get even one file I purchased to get downloaded – the step I hate taking REMOVING myself from the program then coming back – every time I have to do this – I get duplicates of my files and I mean TONS – then I have to go back and delete those duplicates once again – I surely WISH Silhouette would take care of this – I love my Portrait – but Silhouette Customer Services has changed as well – no longer can you TALK to a real person [that was very helpful for me] all is done by that open chat and that is another story — thanks for your help and I will see what you have posted here from the updated version before I move on – thanks so much –. I’m getting ready to move my library. Your email address will not be published.

And skipping that step mangled my library. Sometimes, it makes people think the file isn’t working right and will do a trace to get the cut lines to show up. I think Silhouette goofed bigtime with their choice to go completely to the cloud. It looks very different, but once you figure out where they’ve moved everything, it’s all good. PDFCreator will let you save in multiple formats (like JPG and PNG), print to custom page sizes like 11×14, and save your designs as high-quality images. INSTALL SILHOUETTE STUDIO ON NEW COMPUTER: Go to and download the latest version (not the beta version) of Silhouette Studio. Whether you can get your files back depends on what versions you updated to/from, if your designs are still in the cloud and it’s just that they’re temporarily inaccessible to you, and whether you exported your library as backup, etc., so your best bet is to call the Silhouette America help line. The files themselves are not to be distributed in any form, including download links. I’m using version 4.1.201ssde. No symbols have been loaded for this document in a Silverlight application, Where is the web project (IIS/VS Dev Server) server setting stored, Question when adding a project to a Visual Studio solution, Install Windows Service created in Visual Studio. If so, how do I get them to migrate in Silhouette? From there, you can save it as a PNG or JPG. Thanks! I hear ya. [/callout], [callout]Nothing! Yes, “Epic Fail” deserves those capital letters. States that this is necessary for some files from v3.6 or earlier to be seen in current version.

Navigate to where you want to save your exported file, then click “OK” in the bottom right corner to start the export process. AppData folder is hidden. My file is bigger than the standard letter size (8.5×11). What kind of trouble are you having? A few days ago, I came back from my vacation. Type “snip” or “snipping tool,” and select the Snipping Tool from the search results. Download Silhouette Studio for Windows to design projects to send to Silhouette electronic cutting machines. OMG I wish I had seen this BEFORE I did the change. Or so I thought.

Then install your old version of the software V 3.6.057 (or if you don’t still have a copy of it, go with whatever pre-cloud legacy version Silhouette offers on the Silhouette America website…3.6 or earlier). I learned to do this long ago- after so many desktop/laptop crashes. Thus, I am stuck. Sorry…I wish I could be of more help. If you don’t have a hard drive, you can use a thumb drive.

Once your design is ready to cut, select your design and then click the send icon located in the top right-hand corner.

I *really* *really* *really* hope Silhouette brings out the option to stay out of the cloud. Silhouette Cameo 4 Review: Silhouette's New Machine! It would have saved a lot of heartache, judging by these comments and the email I’ve received. How to Use Heat Transfer Vinyl [Silhouette + Cricut! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The software should update and fold your old library into the cloud without you having to perform an import function. [callout]Use the free webtool LunaPic to make a PNG with a transparent background. © 2015-2020 - All rights reserved. I have re-indexed my library in version 3.6.057 before importing them into 4.1.206 as you had mentioned and now when i go into the new version and into File–>Library–>Import Library i scroll to where i exported my old library to click OK and then silhouette prompts me to enter in my e-mail address and password to connect to the server and that’s where it all falls apart… never seems to connect to the server and when i try and update my library it will attempt to connect to the cloud but never does. What I didn’t know is that there is something I should have done before exporting. Okay – great!! On my laptop they store to C:\Users\james\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects but on my desktop they are being stored in C:\Users\james\AppData\Local\Temporary Projects\mediaplayer Yes, you can go back to a pre-cloud version. I won’t bite. Copy it to the thumb drive (drag it from one directory to the other). I read your instructions to reindex the library, but for some reason, I do not have a reindex option!!!!

However there was one thing. And then click the color(s) you want to make transparent. A SVG file, short for scalable vector graphic, can be resized large or small without losing quality. How To Make Vinyl Decals & Start Your Home Business. If you're the new owner of a Cameo 3, you need to. After you’ve imported it (not opened it), you should be able to access your library as usual from within Silhouette Studio. its a floral design and each flowers i used are 300 dpi. Now, you are ready to open the files in Silhouette Studio. I want to export the library so I can move everything from my desktop to my laptop which is a Mac. I hope you were able to find a solution. Thank You!! The software simply does some internal catalog housekeeping to straighten things out behind the scenes. What a hassle for you. Many designers (including me) will often give away free SVG files. As I followed along my steps looked somewhat different and the pop-ups didn’t look the same but I used the “ol nogging” that God gave me and figured it out, trusting that it would eventually work out and it did. I just got lured by some of the new features in V4. Yay, for timing!

The idea behind the change is so users no longer need to manage two folder structures.
1- Open up silhouette studio and go to your library. So far, I’ve managed to do it, but what a pain it was to get here and there are still downsides. :^) To use other content or designs, please talk to me first. The video includes tips on how to change the page size, and get rid of those pesky grid lines that won’t disappear: In Windows, you need another app or program that can print to PDF. When I try to import it to new computer the file appears as “grayed” out so it cannot be imported. I exported the library on my old Mac which I am using V3 of Studio. (eff at but ran across this post of yours and thought I would reindex first. I have read a hundred misleading articles before i found this THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! But if you want greater functionality, or don’t already have a PDF printer installed, I recommend installing the free program PDFCreator. I am running Design Edition, V3. Thank you soooooooo much Eff! Press Shift-Command-4. Lesson learned. What's wrong with the "airline marginal cost pricing" argument? (eg, windows terminal app settings menu), By default Visual Basic 2010 (Or Visual Studio) doesn't notice you when a project is backed up. Silly of Silhouette to make the names so similar without explanation, but you want “Import Library”, not the other one. Glad you got your Silhouette library up and running. Thanks so much for the advice. They told me to update to the cloud and I could get my images to load from there. Project Backup Location: I wish I had a post like this when I began using my Silhouette. In Preview, you can export as a PNG to get rid of the grid lines. Brilliant idea. Now I find your blog about reindexing. Thanks muchly! He installed V3 software on new Mac then installed library. I'm here to teach you to love yours, too! What’s the difference between JPEG and JPG? I hope I've proven to you over the past 9 years that I am going to tell you the truth, regardless of any financial interest I may have. Click the Windows icon or start button, and navigate to the Windows search box.

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