T/F: An isometric contraction is one is which the length of the muscle doesn't change. How is the length of a skeletal muscle cell related to the force it can generate? Which of the following statements about different kinds of skeletal-muscle fibers is TRUE?

[2], ST fibers are predominantly used for aerobic activities requiring low-level force production, such as walking and maintaining posture, but are also the primary fiber type found in endurance athletes. Extra oxygen is needed to restore eliminate lactic acid and restore muscle creatine phosphate and, What is the mechanism by which muscle fatigue causes action potential conduction failure in skeletal, K+ buildup in the T-tubules depolarizes the local resting membrane potential and inactivates Na+. ST fibers are predominantly used for aerobic activities requiring low-level force production, such as walking and maintaining posture, but are also the primary fiber type found in endurance athletes. Fewer than seven repetitions and the muscle group is likely composed of more than 50% FT fibers. They are responsible for preventing tetanic contractions. Ca2+-ATPase pumps move Ca2+ from the cytosol back into the sarcoplasmic reticulum. ______________ muscle tissue contracts only when stimulated by acetylcholine, while _______________ muscle tissue can contract without extrinsic (outside) nervous or hormonal stimulation. Fast-glycolytic muscle fibers differ from slow-oxidative fibers in that: Fast-oxidative fibers can generate greater maximal tension than slow-oxidative fibers. Where would you find multiunit smooth muscle tissue in the body? In skeletal muscle, calcium initiates contraction by binding to troponin, while in smooth muscle.

Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding skeletal-muscle contraction? Nerves typically enter the muscle along with the main blood vessels of the muscle at a unit called a _________________. Type I fibers are characterized by low force/power/speed production and high endurance, Type IIX fibers are characterized by high force/power/speed production and low endurance, while Type IIA fall in between the two. In skeletal muscle cells, calcium initiates contraction by binding to: Binding of ____ to myosin permits cross-bridge ____ between actin and myosin in skeletal muscle cells.

generally have individual innervation of each cell. The type of muscle fibers that are the largest, contain the most myofibrils and can generate the most powerful contractions are the: The type of muscle fibers associated with aerobic, endurance-type activities such as running a marathon are: Which type of muscle contraction occurs when a muscle slowly lengthens during contraction?

During every muscle contraction, tension is developed in the muscle.

There are very few blood vessels in skeletal muscle. Jim. Which of the following statements regarding contraction of a skeletal-muscle fiber is true? Which of the following characteristics refers to the ability of muscle tissue to repeatedly generate spontaneous action potentials, i.e.

During diastole no blood moves from the atria to the ventricles. C. Every muscle fiber receives a branch of an axon from the nerve. [3] Type IIx fibres contain a low content of myoglobin, relatively few mitochondria, relatively few blood capillaries and large amounts glyrs are red, The only way to directly determine the fiber-type composition in an athlete is to perform an invasive muscle biopsy test. You have three types of muscle tissue: skeletal, smooth, and cardiac… T/F: The two types of smooth muscle tissue are visceral and multiunit. The optimal length (Lo) of a skeletal muscle cell is: the length at which the muscle can generate its maximum tetanic tension. During concentric isotonic contraction of a skeletal-muscle fiber, which of these occurs? Which occurs FIRST as a result of ATP binding to myosin? Which is a TRUE statement about smooth muscle?

Energy and phosphate are transferred from creatine phosphate to ADP. They have an individual neuron innervating of each individual smooth-muscle cell.

Contractile activity of smooth-muscle cells does not normally require Ca2+. The sarcomere is made up of three types of proteins.

Which of the following is a FALSE statement about the sliding filament mechanism of skeletal muscle contraction? They can contract in the absence of external calcium. Which dietary supplement is most likely to contribute to greater skeletal muscle ATP availability in the, Myasthenia gravis is a collection of muscle disorders that cause muscle fatigue and weakness. The scientific study of muscles is known as. T/F: Both skeletal muscle tissue and cardiac muscle tissue contains endomysium, perimysium and epimysium. Which of the following are TRUE about muscle cells?

Multiple action potentials in the motor neuron causes a sustained contraction.

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