Hi,Donald Sinclair,Can you show the complete format tire size?like ***/**/**,I can use tire calculator to help you confirm it. I have 2014 MN Triton..... want to put either 31x10.5r15 or :33/12.50/15 with out any lift kit.... how will they be.... cheers. Can you tell me if they will fit.Thanks. Hi,HW,Thanks for your contribution,Your car model is little old,If you want to change wheels for your car,You can consider the 15''/16'',Same PCD,and offset can be between 40-46mm. Can you suggest another tire and rim size? Original tyre is 195R15C.. Hi have a Triton ml with 245/65R17 tyre wouldHilux rimsandsamesizetyresfit??? Will these tyres fit? Thanks, Hi am after some info on whether Dynamic steel rims off a MN Triton will fit on a 2004 MK Triton. Hi, I have a 2008 triton and I’m thinking of putting 4.75 inch flares on. Cheers. What tyres could fit on my Triton 2012 with 245 - 65 - 17? reply. Have a 2011 MN Triton has bridgestone Duelers -245/65R17 - 111S - 840 type at present - what size can I go up to that maybe a bit chunkier with out all the road noise - only need 2 new at moment - can I increase the 2 new ones only or do they all need replacing at once thanks, Hi,Patrick,I suggest that you'd better change them at once and after that you also need to do wheel balance test to make sure tires are steady. Stock diameter is 14" (which also invalidates your general specs on the right hand side.) Hi,Ravi,no,it can not fit for your car.20'' wheels are too large for your car.And Offset is also very low. Hi,Lawrence Horn,What the current tire size of your car?I can help you. I have 285/75/16 on my ml triton there's a very light rub on full lock as u go over bumps the tires rub on the front sway bar nothing a spacer can't fix but debt bother me as I rarely go to full lock, Bro, need ur advice..what if i use 265/70/16 at the front and 285/75/16 at the rear...is it ok for my triton 2008?..tq bro, 16 by 8 rim all good with 265/75 tyre . Hi,Brody Christians,What your current tire size? ...not sure on what’s the best / biggest / widest / maximum tires or rims will fit your car? Hi,John Bradbury,Although hilux and triton have same bolt pattern,Their offset have little different,Can you show your triton and hilux rims size?I can help you confirm it. If not, consider narrower tires or higher offset . Which would be most suited? I have a 1995 Triton duel cab 4x4 with an awsome bull bar, is there any way of finding out if it will fit on a 2015 Triton duel cab 4x4? Wheel fitment and tire size guide and knowledge base, Information guide to help before purchasing alloy wheels, Find out what tire size will fit on your Vehicle, Find matching vehicles by specific Bolt Pattern, Find matching vehicles by specific Tire Size. Any idea how this will fit? I was wondering if 275/75/20or18 won't diminish any performace especially on how smooth the ride would be on my 2016 triton. Wont the tires be too stretched? Have a question about Mitsubishi Triton 2020 wheel specs? Hi,Anthony,It depend on what the size of 1995 triton,Is that OEM or any other size.But they share the same stud pattern. Rims are 17x7.5. http://www.speedywheels.com.au/wheels/outlaw.htm. Currently on the ute i have 225x85R15 6 stud. Hello guys,I would like to inform me about my triton 2008 double cub.My triton's stock tyre dimmensions are 245/70/16.Which is the max size of tyre with the same rims(16).I would like to be taller with standard suspension.Thank you in advance. Offset for 2013 MN Triton? Hi,Anthony,Can you show your 1999 rims size?If it is 17 inch, and the bolt pattern is 6*139.7.It can fit for 2015.About the bull bar,you'd better to find your car dealer.They can help you try it.Normally,Different car make have different bull bar. inch rims on my 2013 triton. Hi sifu.. what is the biggest/widest tyre can be fit on triton quest? But I've put 2 inch stut spacers in the front? Its oem tires are 205/80/r16. Or if Set of sunraysia rims, originally off a toyota hilux now on a nissan navara. Hi I have a 1992 mh triton and I'm wanting to put a set of sunrayias on it but unsure of what offset will fit. reply. Hi,TK,the offset tolerance is +-5mm(means 33mm to 43mm).the maximum tyre width depends on your car wheel,And for 16'' rims,the max tire with is 225mm for stock rims.if you want to find more size,you can use tire calculator in home page. I just put a bushwacker fender flare and the tire seems to have shrunk in dimension.... whats the biggest tire size dimension that I can put without having to lift my suspension? Heads up! I'm wondering, would I need to purchase flares if by chance the rims and tyres fit. Hi,Sean Joseph,The standard wheels offset is 46mm,The 17'' rims can't fit for. Will hilux 265/55/18 offset 30 fit a triton mq?Cheers. Hi,Axel,You can try 255/50/19 and for the rims you can try 19*9.0. The rim & tyre size remain the same 265/75xR16, Hi,Matt,If the rims and tires size are same,it can fit for, HiI am looking at getting 245 750 17 on my 2015 glx-r. Should these fit .Thanks, Hi,Denver,285/50/20 can't fit for your car.The diameter is too large than normal torlerance.Try 255/50/20, Hi John, I was wondering if 275/75/20or18 won't diminish any performace especially on how smootg the ride would be, Hi, just wanting to know if you can fit 285/75/16 on 2015 mn with a 2 inch lift? I sincerely appreciate your help =). Hi,Nestor,No,this tire is not compatible for your car. How can this be when standard they have 17 inch rims. Share your knowledge! Hi, I've recently bought a 2016 Mq triton dual cab, I'm at the stage that I need to put new tyre on my ute beaches highway tyres don't do me so I'm going to move up to a AT but I am just wondering what is the biggest I can fit under my ute on stock stings? Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Have a 03 Triton mk 3litre 2x4 twin cab.Will 275/65r/17 fitted onto Sunraysias be a good fit. Hi,Axel,The stock tire size for your car is 245/700/16,So 275/75/20or 18'' is not compatible for your car.Do not suggest that you use it. Answered: 6 years, 3 months ago; By Support Team; Hello Garry Hilton, you can use, but this package will stick out 20 mm farther. I have just got a 2 inch suspension lift and i am wondering whats the largest size tyre i can get to get that little extra lift. i have 2 questions. (6 stud wheels)I have been offered set 205 x 16 wheels which have come of a 2008 Triton ute. Mitsubishi Triton 2020 - Find out the correct alloy wheel fitment, PCD, offset and such specs as bolt pattern, thread size(THD), center bore(CB) for Mitsubishi Triton 2020. What tyre size should I use so that the tyres don't rub on anything?

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