Hey, has anybody received invitations for the process engineering stream yet? I submitted all my DD and medical two weeks ago! Has anyone who applied for commercial heard back? Anyone have any stories? Capgemini Australia Graduate Program. 2016 Woodside Graduate Program – Discussion Board. Just received my email to progress through to DD and medical tests! Although this thread seems quiet considering the time of year it is? Someone else in my stream received a verbal offer last week! Also doing tests when your the back up isn't considerate as the tests are time consuming. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP AND EXPLAIN?? Any ac invites for project control/construction? They had about 20-25 if I remember correctly. I have received a verbal offer a few hours after doing the medical! For those that haven't heard back stay positive and keep going with applications!! I specifically applied for D+C rather than mech. In regards to the online testing, while it's important to score well I think there's a heavier weighting towards actual interview performance, so try not to care too much about it. So for all those applying next year, applications might take awhile so hang in there! They're waiting for everyone to sign contracts before rejecting people. Had my AC on the 10th, Digital Stream, but I did ask to get my results sooner as I have some other pending offers. (correct me if i'm wrong.) The Graduate Programme. Been moved to due diligence. I even took some time answering each question to ensure the most sensible response. I doubt it will have much effect on your application mate, I would assume it’s not weighted with much value.. FYI, I got almost 100% for safety. They're waiting for everyone to sign contracts before rejecting people. This is a thread that'd allow us follow up on the Woodside GDP recruitment process. If you choose to subscribe to our media releases or other communications, you can unsubscribe at any time (by following the instructions in the email or by contacting us). Any suggestions on what technical questions to expect? As some data privacy laws regulate IP addresses and other information collected through the use of cookies as personal data, Rio Tinto’s processing of such personal data needs to comply with its Data Privacy Standard (see Part 1 of this Privacy Policy), and also applicable data privacy laws. These Cookies are used by advertising companies to inform and serve personalised ads to your devices based on your interests. Has any interstate travelers been supplied a booking number for their flights or simply, the flight information? When did you get your email? Applications for the 2020 Sydney Summer Clerkship Program are now closed. I went trawling through the last couple of years’ forums on Woodside’s grad program and I can’t seem to find anyone that didn’t get offered a role after making it through to DD and medical. I’m pretty sure it’s the ones on your resume! How long has it been since you submitted your DD stuff? They help us know how often you come to our site and when, how long you stay and any performance issues you experience whilst you are on our site. Don't lose hope guys! It depends on how many of their vaccies accepted positions for grads, but apparently it's normally just 1 or 2 outsiders... Congrats on progressing! They called at least! Congrats for anyone who has an offer. :D. I guess this thread has eventually come to an end. Hi guys! Yeah, I have. They’d probably only be contacting you to do a retest if anything... Oh I mean organising the medicals! You can work in exploration, looking to discover the next mineral source, or use data analytics to improve productivity. Our Graduate Program Every year, we invite a number of bright, incredibly curious individuals to join our tailored graduate development program. Cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer's hard drive. Yeah it was the first contact! I wish you the best of luck on your search for a grad program! Drilling + Completions. anyone here apply for the civil/structural stream? We know that work is changing so our graduate programme is designed to prepare you for the leadership roles of the future. They were also present on the final day (10th May). For cognify I'm sitting around 70s on the bell curve. I got a video interview (digital stream), anyone applied for the digital stream? or the majority of applicants aren't on here! 2020 Woodside Graduate Development Program. Kind of like Sudoku. I already knew other people in the same stream had already gotten their contracts so I already knew I was out of the race! I guess 49-60 mark. Personally I don't agree with how Woodside's conduct the DD's, because the graduate application process is already a drawn out process. Argh, heavy :( I'm sorry to hear that! I would think so; as I was able to view my job specific section prior but can't anymore. How long after receiving the DD email did First Adv get in touch with you? I'm an international student. Congrats Safety 101. Anyone applied for Environmental Eng or science and got an invite for video interview? could also be the case that grads have lost interest in the oil industry due to their advocacy for climate change. It feels like all the interview emails have already been sent. These Cookies also facilitate sharing information with social networks or recording your interactions with particular ads. I'll jump on that for tomorrow. That’s what I’m hoping haha! Also, is it weird that I can still edit my submission? Any insider info would be appreciated. For those that didn't get an offer, trust me when I say that if you made it to the DD your getting close to an offer so don't give up! Tackling Emissions Across our Value Chain, use data analytics to improve productivity, Individual coaching and mentoring sessions, Online learning sessions with your peers around the world, Graduate summits where you will learn and build your networks – not only with fellow graduates, but also with our senior leaders and technical experts, You will also have the chance to learn from world-class online learning materials and other resources selected by our experts. So did they end up contacting you at all? Has anyone had an email saying they are on like a standby or second list? So werid things happen. Possibly same for other disciplines. Congratulations on the verbal offer! Both my work safety assessment and cognify fall in the middle range of the bell curve.. Dunno whether I will progress through. Anyone in engineering received anything? Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. There’s never been a better time to join. Anyone aware of how many candidates they take through to the final section? The possibilities are endless. I wouldn't worry too much yet. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP AND EXPLAIN?? Woodside’s internal HR probably call whoever’s on your CV I’d imagine. Thanks everyone for the support! I’m not sure if First Advantage call your references, it seems like they are more interested in any criminal history etc. And yes I am applying for the second time *sigh*. They said it could take until the end of May... Been refreshing my email 20 times a day lol. :) And are you still able to edit your submission? Anyone received contact from First Advantage yet? For anyone is interstate, have you received your flight and hotel booking information? Invited to interview via video conference. 2021 Graduate Program. Are you talking about process and controls, or contracting and procurement. Here, you can work in a huge number of different roles, locations and areas of our business. While I was rejected at first I did end up getting an offer after the rejection. You guys reckon it means that they read our applications already?

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