The winner of this competition in any of the six championship divisions is deemed the World Yo-Yo Champion the only event to award such a title. 3rd Place. They can enter both 'Over 40' and Open. The bidding process involves the IYYF and the interested National Organization. | nations = The winner was Harvey Lowe. World Yo-Yo Championship in England, 1932. | imagesize = The World Yo-Yo Contest (also known as Worlds or WYYC for short) is a contest held every year and it was organized by Infinite Illusions' Greg Cohen up until 2013. The particular dates and venue details are coming soon. In 2012, Switzerland's inmot!on became the first team outside Japan or the United States to win the Artistic Performance (AP) division. | location = Europe/Asia/USA At each competition there are different divisions that players compete in. | prev = Shinji Saito continued his dominance, winning his fourth World Title in the 2A division. The World Yo-Yo Contest has 6 championship divisions that award the title of 'World Yo-Yo Champion'. Like freestyles, Artistic Performances are fun to watch. “I did it! Trick ladders are intended for less experienced yo-yoers to allow them the experience of a good old fashion yo-yo contest. The preliminary rounds have been evolving over the years to accommodate the growing popularity of competitive yo-yos around the world. In 1999, the World Yo-Yo Contest was held in Honolulu, Hawaii by High Performance Kites in collaboration with Bandai. The player uses two yo-yos simultaneously to perform reciprocating or looping maneuvers. The competition is currently run by the [ International Yo-Yo Federation (IYYF) and the respective host nation's national organization. Per CDC recommendations, all NYYL events will be postponed and/or rescheduled for dates after May 10th, 2020 based on venue availability. Players combine what they know into a freestyle but include a skit or play along with their yo-yoing skills. Following the creation of the IYYF in 2013, The World Yo-Yo Contest now cycles between America, Europe, and Asia. IYYF is also in communication with several other countries [10] (denoted by *), but, currently, these countries do not have the right to seed a National Champion to the semi-finals. There are 33 countries currently registered [9] with the IYYF that have the right to seed a National Champion into the semi-final round at the World Yo-Yo Contest. Competitors were allowed a one-minute routine, and a set number of players would make the finals. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Without Shinji Saito entering the 2A division, Yashushi Furakawa won the World Title. After the 2013 contest, an international coalition (the IYYF) was formed to organize a new, rotating contest which will be held in a different venue/country every year. The World Yo-Yo Contest is the largest gathering of competitive yo-yo players and fans in the world. However, the contest was not held annually until 1992, when Dale Oliver started one in Montreal, Canada during that year's annual International Jugglers' Association's (IJA) convention. After finals of the 2016 WYYC on day 4, Steve Brown announced a bid for the 2018 WYYC in Shanghai, China. Currently, the International Yo-Yo Federation has taken over the contest and is now being held every year between Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In 1950, Cheerio held a large North American contest, which was not considered a world contest, yet one of the winners was known to refer to himself as a "World Champion". After a lot of discussion, in the present circumstances and based on the information of medical professionals around the world we have to postpone the Budapest contest to summer 2021 due to widespread concerns about COVID-19.We couldn’t ask competitors, audience, judges and our staff to make summer travel plans in this time of uncertainty.For players who have already registered to compete: we will transfer your registration to the new date of the Budapest World YoYo Contest.We will continue to work through this situation and will keep you updated as further arrangements are made.See you soon in Budapest and stay safe!

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