You know, I seen that shit like a long time ago and shit Slam on an opp, hit his ass with the suplex I put that AK right dead in your face So what that tell ya Me and you the only one believed in you young nigga The Roots “This Land (Remix)”. I done did so much dirt under the sun I knew he was good nigga You know but I always told niggas, I will be that nigga one day See more ideas about Yo gotti, New music, Boosie badazz. Letter To Yo Gotti by Blac Youngsta Released : 2017 Genre : HipHop / Rap. Fly to Miami, I'm freeing Lil Kodak I was sleeping on the floor (floor) He value to your shit, and you ain’t want to let em go He and Snootie Wild were both signed to Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group label. yeah Young nigga you know who who When you lost your son I shed a tear for you A lot of niggas they was greedy, they ain’t want to feed me You was like man look right here Fuck that, and you was looking like what the fuck? Guarantee one day them bitches gon' hate on me You want that smoke but you know you not with that (Nah) I just want to let you know Imma protect you from anything tryna that come (Rest in peace [?]) I don't see nothing from stopping us Fishscale, every nigga with me get a plate for real Ayy, Southside, where'd you get all that drip? Every nigga with me sell weight still Fuck up, uhh Cut that shit up a lil bit You know, um I was having uh uh uh uh I was having Big homie got it the other day And we was on the phone talking that shit, you know me Since I been on the road and shit I been running so much money off this shit That nigga Gotti ask me I turned the condo to a trap spot I go ham, but no pork on my fork (Alhamdulillah) I was riding around with a trunk full of CD’s in it We would talk to hoes But you know And I hate when the police put me in them handcuffs (them dicks) I ain’t tryna trade places with niggas Three Memphis heavyweight spit verses over a heavy-hitting beat from Southside. Lamborginni with the door That’s my big brother no matter what man We was all friends at first When I use to be there, go down the street Who believed in this shit from the get go? I’ll still fuck Lady Gaga if she had cancer Released : 2017 Protecting the brand, I just bought some new Glocks (Grrah) Bitches gon' milk 'cause I'm lit like a candle This shit was a dream at first And I appreciate you for letting him go Cuz you ain’t got no hustle about yourself I just want to know why you changed homie? Know I'm lit but I'm just heating up [Outro: Yo Gotti] Haa, I can’t lie to you I had no choice but to make it Bag been charging a hundred a day (A hundred) I ain’t letting this nigga go Your boyfriend an opp, but you safe for real Gated my house, you can't find it on Zillow You know what I’m taking about? Live in a condo and trap out the duplex Lil' dawg want a body, he dropping 'em Real nigga It wasn’t time for me to leave The fuck he coming here talking about Hundreds on choppers, the meanest a throwback One bitch, that's uno with me in this two-door @2019 - I got niggas in the feds stuck (Lil bitch) I appreciate you big homie If you ain’t starve with me then you know god damn well you ain’t eating with me Summer Walker "Summer Reign", New Video: Kevin Gates "Fatal Attraction", New Music: Megan Thee Stallion “B.I.T.C.H”, New Music: Gary Clark Jr. Ft. You know when it's a robbery, you can't move a lot (Grrt) [Verse 2: Blac Youngsta] I just want to burn her head up I might work out on your bitch like a six pack And we was on the phone talking that shit, you know me I'm not the typical nigga you fuss at Stars in the Lambo', I done went Pluto We was dressing alike we was going to school You know uhh big homie I was I like who the fuck this nigga is? Protecting the brand, I went and bought some more guns Don't disrespect me, nigga, thinking it's cool I was like who? I make my bitches break down like a Kit Kat I just wanna thank you cuz you took me out the slums Memphis-bred rappers Moneybagg Yo and Blac Youngsta have teamed up for their collaboration album, Code Red. Hold up, wait up nigga No dykes around, but my strap in the party Another hundred on the way I can’t go and get a job Tell them I don’t give a fuck New chain on chill, but I'm hot as two suns CMG, Blac Youngsta – I Met Tay Keith First Lyrics, Blac Youngsta – Whisper ft. City Girls Lyrics. And beat on beat on church wild and shit Bool on the Lamb', that's matchin' my zodiac They pray for my ending but I just got started Can’t believe them niggas tried to leave me You help me make my shit come true You know, I walked in that mother fucker like I just ran some shit Are your sure you want to race But you gave me a hard time getting beat nigga haha And take care of my family you know I like lil' shawty, I'm feeling your body Guarantee this the day they gon' get caught (Guarantee) But I respect you Tim Westwood talks how wild Black Youngsta was in the video and it look like self telling on his self and the video does not like good for good business. I been running so much money off this shit Guarantee one day your body gon' drop (How much?) I did a feature, they paid with Biscotti (Smoke) Tim said there is only one king of Memphis. Yo Gotti talks about the recent video of Blac Youngsta showing up at Young Dolph’s hood & threatening him. I got shot three times I ain’t have nowhere to go Dec 2, 2017 - Explore Nah Right's board "Yo Gotti", followed by 287 people on Pinterest. Took a jet from LA to New York (Flight 125) I done did so much good shit for my mom I was having Dropped out of high school I ain’t got to sleep on the floor no more She wanna kick it, I don't do karate We was buddy buddy Me and this money a dynamic duo Yo Gotti sign him to CMG and Youngsta is from Memphis, TN. You know, um Gave him six lifies but it was still some love Slammed the door in her face I work for food my nigga When you born rich And we don't make Worldstar, we make the news Graduated the streets Ain't used to nothing, she thought Chanel was channel How this shit gone go You ain’t even nobody My bitch want a Birkin, I'm coppin' 'em (Coppin' em) I’m pouring lean in the phantom Tim Westwood talks how wild Black Youngsta was in the video and it look like self telling on his self and the video does not like good for good business. Got to thank god a nigga got in my teacher Let a nigga take my chain, I bet not You know and big homie ask me a question I told that bitch she got to go It my bitch, fiesty I'ma fuck in the front of that Wraith for real Blac Youngsta’s age is 30. Make my shit big you know And umm, look at me now Young nigga you better mask up Roll up some shit, look like elephant thumbs Ice on my collar, can't tell this a crewneck I told him say no more haha That nigga said haha Imma clear the scene (Fuck nigga lil nigga) I could tell, I could tell Can't go to sleep broke, couple million my pillow You gave me the check with no problems My young nigga beat his case Big homie got it the other day I'm having Zoom calls back of the Maybach (Hello?) The fuck wrong with this young nigga And I know them niggas hating on me they can’t stand us And everything mafia (Mafia) Niggas said they want my head If it ain't 'bout millions, let me be excused ('Scused) I grew up poor my nigga, but I’m rich as fuck now Got a new chain and that bitch come from Wafi We was Kid Cudi The fuck? I'ma teach you how to work that Drac' for real I’m the biggest artist that ah ever hit CMG…facts And I was like I want that nigga to manage me Aye, I remember when I first signed CMG And and and I seen this bald head nigga besides you I got to keep it G with you Like I normally talk to em And you was that my lil cousin [?] Bagg, it's your time, set the watch on my arm

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