It was hard to imagine the series getting any more salacious than a 18-year-old star rendezvousing with a 29-year-old man and lying about it to protect her fame and purity. Kaito’s still skateboarding, but it’s hard to confirm if he’s seriously training for the Olympics. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It’s how anyone finds out about anything. (Aio later took a liking to Yui, and the two of them started dating. The fabricated storyline is far from unique to Terrace House, but it is fun when these strategies get exposed in broad daylight, showing the lengths people go to preserve a persona, earn notoriety, or avoid criticism. Taka’s still out there promoting his clothing brand Brew and he’s teaching young snowboarders. Yui has to admit she lied: “I guess I’m in the same boat,” Yui says. 594, This story has been shared 548 times. Her scenes are either her being a bitch or mentally noting down plans of attack while waiting for her turn to ramble about herself with trivial details no one cares about. If you look on Mayu’s instagram, there’s a post with Yui. The Shakespearean sort of scandals that rock a show like Vanderpump Rules are expected to be nonexistent on Terrace House, a franchise noted for its commitment to subtlety. Her scenes are either her being a bitch or mentally noting down plans of attack while waiting for her turn to ramble about herself with trivial details no one cares about. Where is Aya now? Seina’s Instagram account is filled with yoga poses, modeling head shots, influencer posts, and lots of pictures with Noah, the younger castmate with the perfect face who’s now her boyfriend. We watched a few strangers fall in love, but that was the exception to the rule. Everyone has a story to be told–49, if you wanna get specific. The panel then gets to dissect reality TV itself (and the psychology of its cast) in a way other shows can’t, which proves how much Terrace House is advancing the genre in its own way. Scandal 2: In the episode titled “No Longer a Virgin,” Aio confesses to Risako that he and Yui kissed and had sexual relations while at his place, which wasn’t filmed and therefore went unaired. But... like what Tokui said... Men can't resist them... Did anyone notice that noha liking all of yui pics?? UPDATE: Shion revealed on Instagram that he broke up with Tsubasa. If you’ve been watching Netflix’s Opening New Doors — the current season of cult Japanese reality show Terrace House, which follows the lives of six attractive strangers living in a house together — you’ll know that it featured the return of one its most popular stars, Seina Shimabukuro. Okay, despite what I stated at the beginning of this post, I went ahead and followed Shohei while writing this. Below you’ll get the answers to these questions in this Terrace House Instagram catch-up. Looks like Minions Socks-gate had a happy ending for these two. Remembered For: Um, she was deeply concerned about Yuudai’s ability to fend for himself and, that’s it? “They don’t tell us exactly what to say. Hence, accusations from fans or castmates that so-and-so is only doing something “for the storyline.” I.e. But now that the story of a rotating cast of six strangers forced to live in a house in Karuizawa has been told, where are the Opening New Doors cast members now? Even when betrayal is on display on the show, there’s STILL a delicate, compelling, gauze over it. If it’s not clear already, Yui is among the most polarizing figures on Terrace House, probably next to Taishi (from Aloha State) and Natsumi (from Boys & Girls in the City). Dying to find out if Seina and Noah made it last? Where is Shunsuke now? Cast members actively mention Terrace House while filming, and before incoming housemates move in, the show films them announcing the news to someone(s); usually, by saying something like, “Guess what? Tsubasa is still on the ice with the Karuizawa Fairies and, this is great, she’s still with Shion! I'd feel pretty uncomfortable living in a shared house where the guys constantly talk about your boobs in private. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the terracehouse community. Scene: Maya and Risako in the girls’ room.

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